Basic Optical Spectroscopy

Room 221


Steady-state spectroscopy and photoluminescence quantum yield measurements

In order to accurately determine the basic optical properties of the materials we work with we have access to a suite of high-quality spectroscopic equipment. We can also perform in-house photoluminescence quantum yield measurements, allowing us to evaluate the suitability of materials for device applications. Our equipments includes:

  • Shimadzu UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer with 77 K cryostat
  • JY Fluoromax + 10 cm integrating sphere and 77 K cryostat
  • Solution and solid state PLQY

Within the OEM group we developed one of the most commonly used methods to measure solid state PLQY. This is reported in the paper;

Measurements of Solid-State Photoluminescence Quantum Yields of Films Using a Fluorimeter, Palsson and Monkman, Advanced Materials, 2002, 14, 757

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