Microsecond Spectroscopy

Microsecond spectroscopy

Room 46

This is one of the most difficult time regimes in which to make accurate emission lifetime measurements, but for Iridium based phosphors used in phosphorescent OLEDs it is very important to be able to accuratly determine their properties. We have developed two methods to make accurate measurements in the microsecond, one based gated iCCD detection, the other using gated photon counting and a novel super continuum laser source from Fanium.

Time correlated single photon counting (65 ps IRF) Picoquant 395 nm pulsed laser diode

Becker and Hickl 470 nm pulsed laser diode Hamamatsu 3809 MCP

Fanium S400 high power supercontinum laser

Hamamatsu 7620 MCP id Quantique id100-20 SPAD Photonic Science coolview EM/1000, EMCCD Jobin Yvon

Triax 180 spectrograph Stanford computer optics 4Picos gated intensified CCD camera (200 ps)

Becker and Hickl detection electronics SPC430 and SPC730

In-house optical microscope with Polytec PI nano-resolution stages

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