OLED and OPV Fabrication

OLED and OPV fabrication and test

Wolfson Organic devices clean room, room 46


Device fabrication facilities

Our dedicated clean room for the fabrication of organic optoelectronic devices was funded by a grant from the Wolfson Foundation. The basic clean room is class 5,000 and houses a general working area for device preparation including a class 100 chemiwet station for aqueous film spinning. We have recently upgraded the clean room to house a new MBraun Glove Box with a Suss spinner and encapsulation station that, in conjunction with a Lesker Spectros evaporator (six organic or three inorganic sources) and glove box, allows us to fabricate high quality small molecule and polymer OLED devices entirely in a controlled glove box environment. This partners our exisiting glovebox housing a Dynapert spinner and home built metal evaporator and encapsulation station for polymer devices.

Within the clean room we also have interferometic thickness measurement systems and microscopic inspection.

In 2012 we shall be extending the size of the cleanroom and housing an external gyroset spinner system for large area film deposition within a laminar flow station.

Test Facilities

Our testing facilities for the devices we construct are benchmarked with CDT and include a 10 inch integrating sphere, Keithley source volt meter and HP high current source with ocean optics CCD detector, this is fully computer controlled for calculation of external efficiency, luminance efficiency and candela per amp. Using a Prometic 1460 tri-stimulus CCD camera large area devices can be characterised for CRI and luminance efficiency in one measurement. We use this to map the homogeniety of such devices. Small scale life testing can also be undertaken.

Class 5000 clean room for PLED fabrication (class 100 chemi-wet station)

Halco Engineering Glove box with built in metal evaporator Two thin film spinners (one in the glove box) Edwards 305 evaporator

Olympus optical microscope and white light interference thickness measurement

Jelight UVU ozone cleaner Shel Lab vacuum oven Femto oxygen plasma cleaner

MBraum 4 glove 200 glove box, UV encapsulation and robotic encapsulation Lesker port for

Kurt Lesker ‘Spectros’ OLED evaporator system, 6 organic, 3 inorganic sources

Device test rigs, Intensity vs. Voltage vs. emission, Keithley Instruments 2400 and 2000

Ocean optics CCD camera

Agilant 1kW stabalised power supply

Photometrix tristimulus 4150 CCD camera and radiometric software

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