Ultrafast pump-probe

Ultrafast pump probe

Room 56

We are building a new photoinduced absorption spectrometer with ultrafast time resolution of 30 fsec. The probe source is a computer controlled OPA which should allow us to make a fully automated wavelength scanning spectromter covering the spectral range 350 nm to 2500 nm. This system will be used to follow electron and excitation energy transfer in guest host systems and CT state molecules. It will also allow us to follow molecular relaxation after excitation.

Coherent Mira seed (15 fsec) Ti:Sapphire oscillator Coherent Evolution 15

Legend 35 fsec 1 mJ amplifier Coherent Opera OPA (300 to 2500 nm)

Swamp Optics Grenouille Melles Griot

nano positioner linear delay lines

Cryomech ST403 3K ultra low vibration pulse tube cryostat

Terahertz generation and detection system (0.5-12 THz)

Pump probe spectroscopy with sub 30 fsec time resolution

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