Meet the Exec

2017-2018 Exec:

Captain: Matthew Foskett

About: I'm a third year engineer at Hild Bede and I began orienteering when I came to Durham. I'd only started running regularly in the August but had done quite a bit of map reading through scouts and hill walking before. I've really enjoyed all the orienteering I've done in the last 2 years and hopefully will get to do loads more this year :-)

Email: matthew.g.foskett@durham.ac.uk.

Vice Captain: Andrew Stemp

About: I'm a third year at Hild Bede studying natural sciences. I have been orienteering for six years but it has only been since coming to Durham from the fens in Cambridgeshire that I learnt how to use contours to navigate properly, my previous orienteering skills consisted of knowing which path to run on and when to cut a corner. My ultimate goal in orienteering is to stay fit until my eighties and beyond so I can challenge for a world title.

Email: andrew.j.stemp@durham.ac.uk

Coach: Julie Emmerson

I'm a 4th year physics student from Josephine Butler. I have been orienteering all my life and represented Great Britain on many occasions. My biggest achievement is coming 11th at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in 2014. I am also a UKCC level 2 qualified coach and have done lots of coaching with DUOC over the last couple of years.

Email: j.c.emmerson@durham.ac.uk

Treasurer: Luke Piper

About: Hi I'm Luke, I discovered orienteering at University. It looked perfect because I run a lot and I can map read quite well, but it turns out that I can't do both at the same time. But it's the taking part that counts.

Email: luke.piper@durham.ac.uk

Kit Officer: Michael Hallett

About: I'm a third year at St Aidan's College studying Earth Sciences, I started orienteering through my parents literally as soon as I could walk and have competed for England on a couple of occasions. Orienteering takes you so many places and is a great sport for travelling and meeting new people which is why I enjoy it so much.

Email: michael.hallett@durham.ac.uk

Joint Social Sec: Hannah Goldswain

About: I'm a second year biologist who's hitting their 5th year orienteering. Orienteering is my favourite thing to do to visit new places and meet great new people, and you can choose whether to be competitive or chilled out whenever you please. I can't wait to train up more and compete in the bigger events coming up!

Email: hannah.goldswain@durham.ac.uk

Joint Social Sec: Sam New

About: Hi, I'm Sam a second year politics student from Josephine Butler College. I come from a background of running and took up orienteering at the beginning of my first year. The thing I really like about the sport is it combination of physical and mental challenge required to compete; alongside getting to see some picturesque places. During events I probably run the furthest in the club mainly due to my incompetence with maps.

Email: samuel.new@durham.ac.uk

Webmaster: Daniel Murphy

About: I am a third year NatSci student at Hild Bede and I got in to orienteering at uni! I've been running for years with my family (but I've only started enjoying it the last few) and have completed 150 parkruns. I've since got all my family involved in orienteering as it makes running more interesting!!

Email: daniel.t.murphy@durham.ac.uk

Past Execs: