Training at DUOC falls into a few sections. Our technical / navigational training takes place once a week and is led by exec members and more experienced orienteers. We mainly use areas such as Houghall Woods (behind the Science Site), the hill colleges and the new map of central Durham, but we also aim to travel further afield to get experience of different terrains. We make use of training put on by local clubs, NN and CLOK. This training aims to develop and practice key skills, as well as challenging more experienced runners. A warm-up is followed by a few inventive and fun courses focusing on key techniques. Feedback is very important, and we tailor training sessions to the needs of the club members.

And there are some of our members who are regular parkrunners (Durham parkrun starts at Maiden Castle) if that's more your thing!!

Physical training normally takes place individually, or in small, informal groups. Many orienteers make use of the training provided by DUAXC, and we occasionally run hill-rep sessions. Physical ability varies considerably within the club, but you can always find someone to run with!

All our members are welcome to make use of Team Durham's performance programme, by attending the weekly Strength and Conditioning sessions.

Usual weekly schedule is as follows:

Training: Wednesday 2-4.30pm (approx)
Strength and Conditioning:
Tuesday 1-2pm or
Wednesday 1-2pm (advanced session)

Before main Wednesday training during term, an email will be sent out with the details.

Next Weekly Training

24th January 2018 - 2:30 pm

Meet at the corner of Houghall woods near the top car park

Epiphany Term

Date Session Run by
Week 1 - 17th January
Week 2 - 24th January
Week 3 - 31st January
Week 4 - 7th February
Week 5 - 14th February
Week 6 - 21st February
Week 7 - 28th February
Week 8 - 7th March
Week 9 - 14th March