This page gives some of my favourite links, including music, technology and computers, web, and various other things.



  • How to buy cheap rail tickets in the UK: Advice and suggestions on getting the best rail ticket prices over the internet.
  • Say no to 0870 numbers: UK-based search engine for alternatives to premium-rate telephone numbers.
  • Google Books Search: Download free out-of-print books (ensure you check the "full view only" radio button which allows you to download complete books).
  • Old Buy or see old British maps and see what your area looked like over one hundred years ago.
  • Money Saving Expert: Martin Lewis's huge site offers some great advice in these transient times.
  • allows you to check you actual broadband speed, or discover typical connections in your area if you're considering another internet service supplier.
  • UK residents who buy online should join to get cashback - there is no catch, except that you have to wait a couple of months before the cash is paid. Membership is 5 per year, but you don't pay anything until you earn more than 5.