Version 3.2.0

Version 3.2.0 of Diogenes is a quick fix for a problem which prevents Diogenes from running on computers with recent versions of the Perl language (including Mac Yosemite).

The current infrastructure for the Diogenes client (xulrunner from the Mozilla project) is getting rather creaky, and I am working replacing it soon, but this update will have to do for now.

Choose your operating system below:


Click here to download Diogenes 3.2.0 for Mac

There are a few points to note regarding installation:


Click here to download Diogenes 3.2.0 for Windows

There was no problem with version 3.1.6 on Windows, so no need to upgrade to 3.2.0.


Click here to download Diogenes 3.2.0 for Linux

This is a 32-bit application, and I have had a report that it runs fine under 64-bit Ubuntu, with the appropriate 32-bit compatibility libraries installed. I could not get it to run on my 64-bit Debian system, however.

If you have trouble running the xulrunner application, you can always just go to the command line and manually run the script, which is located in the diogenes-3.2.0/diogenes/perl directory.