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Installation for Mac OS X

Minimum System Requirements

On the Mac, Diogenes has the same system requirements as the forthcoming Firefox 3. I suspect this means that with version 3.1 of Diogenes the minimum version of OS X goes up to 10.4. Let me know if it works on anything less than 10.4.

Installation Procedure

Simply download Diogenes to your desktop and double-click on the resulting .tar.bz2 file to unarchive it. The Diogenes icon, in the shape of a chrome Greek letter delta, should now be on your desktop.

Double-click on the Diogenes icon to run it. The first time you try to access each of the databases (tlg, phi, etc.), you will be prompted to give its location.

You may drag the Diogenes icon from your desktop to your Applications folder, or wherever you prefer. You may discard the file you downloaded, along with the "tar" file from which Diogenes was extracted. If you ever want to remove Diogenes from your computer, simply drag the application into the trash.