Research Collaborations

Some of the research on-going in the group is undertaken in collaboration with academic groups in the UK and Europe as well as in close collaboration with industry.


Organophosphorus and Carbene Chemistry

Dr Didier Bourissou
Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Prof. Régis Réau
CNRS UMR 6226 (Phosphorus and Molecular Materials)
Université de Rennes 1, Rennes, France

Novel Ligand Systems, Coordination Chemistry, and Catalysis
Dr Emanuel Gras
LCC, Toulouse, France


Drs Karinne Miqueu and Jean-Marc Sotiropoulos
IPREM-UMR 5254 Equipe Chimie-Physique
Université de Pau et de Pays l'Adour, France

Drs Jean-François Halet et Karine Kostuas
Laboratoire des Sciences Chimque de Rennes
Université de Rennes 1, France

Dr Mark Fox
Department of Chemistry
University of Durham

Synthetic Clays/Heterogeneous Catalysis
Dr H. Christopher Greenwell
Departments of Chemistry and Earth Sciences
Durham University

X-Ray Crystallography
Prof. Judith Howard and Dr Andrei Batsanov
Department of Chemistry
University of Durham

Dr Andrew Beeby
Department of Chemistry
University of Durham

NMR Spectroscopy
Dr Alan Kenwright (Solution-state NMR)
Department of Chemistry
University of Durham

Dr David Apperley (Solid-state NMR)
EPSRC Solid-state NMR Service
Department of Chemistry
University of Durham

EPR Spectroscopy
Prof. David Collison and Dr Ruth Bell
School of Chemistry
University of Manchester


Sasol Technology UK Ltd.
Exploring Metal-initiated Alkene Dimerisation
Carbon Dioxide Activation

Lubrizol Ltd.
Alkene Oligomerisation
Carbon Dioxide Activation

Johnson Matthey Catalysts (Billingham)
Synthetic clay research

Cambridge Reactor Design
Flow chemistry and flow reactor design