Current Vacancy:

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Heterogeneous/Cascade Catalysis
A Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available in Durham to establish innovative cascade catalytic processes for the synthesis of commodity chemicals. The overarching project goal is the development of a multi-stage flow process, which integrates classical heterogeneous catalysts with both immobilized homogeneous and solid-state molecular organometallic systems. This interdisciplinary project is funded through the EPSRC UK Catalysis Hub and is a close collaboration between Prof. Andrew Weller (Oxford), Prof. John Blacker (Leeds), Prof. Asterios Gavriilidis (UCL), Prof. Karen Wilson (RMIT, Australia), and the Catalysis Hub (Harwell). The UK Catalysis Hub is an EPSRC-funded initiative (, which acts to promote and advance catalytic science in the UK.

The project will involve the synthesis and characterisation of heterogeneous catalyst systems; evaluation of catalyst performance using a variety of techniques (for example NMR spectroscopy and GC-MS); the design and application of flow reactors in catalysis, work closely with the Weller group in using and developing their solid-state molecular organometallic catalysis in cascade processes; have an interest in the development of machine learning as applied to optimised catalytic reactions.

Deadline: 29th April 2019.

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