Pictures from another big walk – ascent of Sasso Croce (2908 m). Well OK, starting from the top of the ski-lift from Pedraces (~2040 m) in the Badia valley.

Towards the start of the main climb

A handy stretch of via ferrata for one of the steeper sections.

Not just a lump of rock – look for the walkers on the ledge towards the bottom. This ledge was exposed (very long drop of questionable survivability to one side) and slippy in places from snowmelt. Still if the pensioners in our group were making it, chickening out was not an option…

View down from the pre-summit.

View back over the Badia valley.

Panaroma of the upland at the top. A more spectacular photo of this strange landscape is here.

Signpost of the summit ridge. The peak in the distance is Cima Dieci (3023 m).

View along ridge (EH).

View from the M. Cavallo summit (EH) and close-up showing folded rock strata (EH).

A welcome sight at the end of the walk! The descent was supposed to involve an unmarked “shortcut”. Inevitably this caused more problems than it was worth and time was wasted in off-piste scrambling. In the end we at arrived at the ski-lift with time to spare (not all the party were so lucky…)

Dolomites III – Sasso Croce

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