Pictures from mid-April…



Attic bedroom in one of the miner’s cottages, set in the early 1900s, and brought to Beamish from Hetton-le-Hole.


Methodist chapel from Beamish village.

BeamishCoffeePot2 BeamishCoffeePot


An unusual “coffee pot” steam engine in which the boiler is mounted vertically rather than horizontally.

BeamishRaps BeamishWindingEngine

Winding engine (R) and chart of “raps” used by the winding man to communicate with miners at the lift shaft (L).


Collection of miners’ lamps. Even with the development of safety lamps, gas explosions and mine collapses were a constant danger.

BeamishGrocers BeamishGrocers2

Grocer’s shop. Goods were often packaged in distinctive colours (e.g. blue for sugar) as many customers were illiterate – indeed shops themselves often had particular symbols e.g. a teapot indicating a grocer’s shop.

BeamishSteamCar BeamishTraction


Beamish was holding a steam fair that weekend, with exhibits including steam-powered cars (L), traction engines (R) and even a steam-powered carousel (bottom)!


Pictures from a walk along with Wear.

DurhamKingsgate DurhamElvetBridge 1

Kingsgate bridge (L) and Elvet Bridge (R). Elvet Bridge was  built in 1160 and the remains of a former chapel can be seen on the right.

DurhamBandstand DurhamWear

View across to the bandstand on the former racecourse (L) and the Wear upstream at Maiden Castle (R).


Night view of Durham Cathedral.

Beamish II & Durham