Using a Pictorial Quiz to Facilitate Learning During Nursing Science Lectures

Jon Cornwall


Learning science has traditionally proved difficult for many students, including student nurses. This difficulty arises from many factors, including elements such as learning styles that are not congruent with the presented material, or an inability to engage with the subject. A tool to facilitate nursing student’s learning science was developed and implemented. This novel technique involved a pictorial quiz that was presented to students during their science lectures. Students were then surveyed half way through the academic year to assess the effectiveness of the pictorial quiz as a learning tool.

Results indicated that students found the pictorial quiz to be a positive addition to their learning experience, with students indicating that learning was facilitated and the quiz experience was enjoyable. The current format for quiz delivery was also deemed acceptable. These results suggest the quiz tool currently exists in a format which is beneficial to nursing students learning and engaging with a science subject, and that the framework exists to further develop the potential of this novel tool across both other subjects and through different modes of delivery. Furthermore, the possible by-products of using the tool include improving lecturer creativity and developing critical thinking skills.

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