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Clark, Karen, University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom)
Clifton, Grace, The Open University
Cogdell, Barbara, University of Glasgow
Collett, Tracey, School of Medicine and Dentistry Plymouth University (United Kingdom)
Cook, Kathryn
Cope, Sandy, University of Hull
Corcoran, Terry
Cornwall, Jon, Department of Anatomy, Otago School of Medical Sciences, Otago University.
Cranwell, Philippa, Department of Chemistry, University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 6AD (United Kingdom)
Crawford, Karin, University of Lincoln
Crothers, Andrew, School of Dentistry, University of Glasgow
Cunningham, Sheila
Cutts, Quintin, University of Glasgow


Dalley-Hewer, J, Coventry University
Day, Richard J. F., Queen's University, Canada
Dearnley, Christine, University of Bradford
Diaz, Arlene J, Indiana University (United States)
Dickie, Carolyn, Curtin University Perth Western Australia
Dickinson, Joanne, University of Leeds
Dickson, Caroline Anne Walker
Divan, Aysha, University of Leeds
Draper, Steve, University of Glasgow
Dudding, Michael, School of Architecture Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (New Zealand)
Duncan, Michael, University of Derby
Duncan, Mike, Newman University College

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