Yorkshire Marathon, 20th October 2013

Chip time: 3.47.51

The first Yorkshire Marathon, and my first marathon. I had only been running for 14 months, and didnít use a running watch, wasnít on Strava (had never heard of it), and wasnít involved in a running club. So, I didnít really have much idea what I was getting myself in for! My longest run had been 19 miles (if I remember correctly), and that was exhausting. So needless to say, the event itself was absolutely punishing. I didnít stop, but the last 6 miles were awful, and increasingly emotional, and I spontaneously burst into tears at the end! And not in a good way. I felt sick to my stomach, and couldnít take anything in (Iíd had way too much Lucozade and who knows what else). In fact, I felt sick for about 4 hours after the marathon.

So, didnít enjoy this one at all, and two years later I would knock more than half an hour off the time and feel way better about the whole thing, also running a negative split.

But it was a huge learning curve, and really glad I did it. Amazing to look back and see how far Iíve come.

Official results here.