Yorkshire marathon, Sunday 11th October 2015

Chip time: 3.16.04     Official results

This was my 2nd marathon, and I really enjoyed it. Something I can’t say about my first! In my first marathon I made loads of mistakes, especially my training (or lack of it) and how I fuelled the race. The first time I had loads of Lucozade and gels as I went round, and felt horribly sick for 4 hours after I finished. I also spontaneously cried, with relief, at the end – it was horrible! This 2nd time I had no Lucozade (it just doesn’t agree with me), and perhaps one gel, but I mainly fuelled using one maxiplus caffeine bar. Both marathons were hard in the final 6 miles, but this 2nd time my pace didn’t drop at all and I even managed a negative split. And I felt more or less fine at the end – with no crying!

Beautiful weather and a big pb. Really nice to share it with Andy. A great day all round.