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Postgraduate English is a professionally reviewed journal for postgraduate students of English. We have been publishing postgraduate research biannually since the year 2000. It is published on Open Journal Systems, so all submissions are indexed and locatable through scholarly and library search engines.

We publish full-length scholarly articles on all areas of English literature and related disciplines, peer-reviewed by our editorial board of established academics, and book reviews.

In addition, we also invite reflections on postgraduate teaching and academic careers. They can be added to a burgeoning archive of material in the Forum section of the website, including interviews with academics, in which recently appointed academics discuss how they made the transition from Postgraduate to paid academic, and teaching tips and anecdotes. We are also happy to publish details of conferences or colloquia aimed at postgraduates.


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No 30 (2015): March

Table of Contents


The Paradox of the Memoir in Will Self’s Walking to Hollywood and W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn PDF
Martin Gleghorn
Ghosts on the Water: Marina Carr's reception of the Classical Underworld in her Midland Trilogy PDF
Madeleine Scherer
The Thing-Cultures of Matthew Arnold’s Culture and Anarchy and William Morris’s News from Nowhere PDF
Caroline Warner
China in Eighteenth-Century English and Irish Literature: Representations and Tensions PDF
Mengmeng Yan

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