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No 38 (2019): Spring

One of the articles in this issue—‘"Now Flying Over the Hell-Mouth": The Gap Between St Guðlac and Nordic Volcano Imagery’ by Michael Baker—has resulted from the journal’s collaboration with the seventh annual Norse in the North conference, held on 9 June 2018 at Durham University, and hosted by the Lindisfarne Centre at St Aidan’s College. The conference was organised around the theme of “Emotions and Mindsets in Old Norse Literature and Society” by Katie Harling-Lee (née Harling-Challis) and Dr. Alexander Wilson, and was funded by a grant from Durham University’s Department of English Studies in conjunction with Postgraduate English. Additional funding was provided by St Aidan’s College and by Durham’s Centre for Academic, Researcher and Organisation Development (now the Durham Centre for Academic Development).

Table of Contents


The Author(s) of the Book of Jeremiah PDF
Francesco Arena
‘Now Flying over the Hell-mouth’: The Gap Between St Guðlac and Nordic Volcano Imagery PDF
Michael Baker
Reading 'The Excursion' with Deleuze and Guattari: ‘The Recluse’ as a ‘Conceptual Persona’ PDF
Pauline Hortolland


Review: Christine Mangan, 'Tangerine' (New York: Ecco, 2018). ISBN 9781408709993. PDF
Roula-Maria Dib



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