BAE Systems – career opportunities for PhD students in business and technology

The technology company BAE Systems will be visiting Durham on Tuesday 27th October to speak specifically with PhD students. The session will start at 10am in the Calman Learning Centre (CLC 406).

The aim of the session is to introduce career opportunities within BAE  that may be of interest, and relevant to, PhD students. BAE do not run a distinct recruitment programme for PhD students (join the business at the same level as other graduates) although salaries reflect experience and qualifications. There will be representatives from the Finance Leadership Programme, Maritime (e.g. instrumentation and calibration) and the Applied Intelligence Business Unit. This unit is consulting focused with a strong emphasis on cyber security and data analysis. There will also be an opportunity to network with representatives from the company.

To find out more about this event and reserve a place visit the CARD training course booking web page.

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