Challenges and Innovations in Statistics Education
Szeged (Hungary), September 7-9, 2017
We are planning a highly interactive conference where participants explore the use of real data in classes, innovative teaching materials, software, databases, and data visualisations, all designed to develop critical thinking and reasoning in students. There are no regisration fees and all teaching materials are all open source.
Applications from new EU member states will be particularly welcome. The Language of the conference will be English and Hungarian. We cordially invite everyone interested in statistics education to attend


Engaging with the statistics education community (multiplier events)

IASE Roundtable Berlin July 2016
The ProCivicStat team led this event in collaboration with the International Association for Statistics Education and other sponsors. The Roundtable theme and scientific program was designed to contribute to the goals of IASE and ProCivicStat, and all other sponsors. We brought together teachers and researchers from around the world to work on the theme Promoting understanding of statistics about society. Our aim was to advance knowledge about ways to improve the understanding of statistics related to key social phenomena  – such as trends in migration, employment, equality, demographic change, crime, poverty, and human rights.

Papers have been presented at the following meetings:

  • 61st World Statistics Conference, Marrakesh, July 2017
  • International Association for Statistics Teaching, Rabat, July 2017
  • IASE Roundtable, Berlin, July 2016
  • ICME13 International Conference on Mathematical Education, Hamburg, July 2016

Papers will be presented at the following meetings:

  • ICOTS10  Japan July 2018

Project Meetings

ludwigsburg_participants_2015-10Ludwigsburg kick-off October 2015.
The kick-off meeting in Ludwigsburg gave an opportunity for partners to get to know each other, and to share experiences as teachers and researchers in statistics education. We explored some ideas on project processes and possible produces, and shared information about resources we had each worked with.

haifa_meeting_2016-02Haifa February 2016
The Haifa meeting involved sharing of information about the work carried out since the Ludwidgsburg meeting, along with working sessions on specific project deliverables, such as the conceptual framework. Project communication methods to support the disparate partners were explored.