Academic Papers

Challenges and Innovations in Statistics Education

Multiplier Conference of ProCivicStat: Szeged (Hungary), 2017

61st World Statistics Congress

Marrakech, 2017

Statistics Education for Social Engagement

  • Design, realization and evaluation of a university course for preservice teachers on developing statistical reasoning and literacy with a focus on civic statistics : Daniel Frischmeier
  • Learning statistics about society: more than acquiring some technical skills : Joachim Engel
  • Pictures and numbers – responding to the challenge of finding authentic ‘futureproof’ data sets and visualisations : Pedro Campos
  • Understanding statistics about society: mapping the knowledge and skills needed to engage with civic statistics : James Nicholson

Teaching Statistics in a Data Rich World

IASE 2017 Satellite Conference: Rabat, Morocco, 2017

Promoting Understanding of Statistics about Society

IASE Roundtable Conference : Berlin, Germany, 2016

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