Data visualisations provide exciting entrance points for exploring social phenomena. Try these!

Gapminder World created by the Gapminder Foundation

eXplorer with OECD data created by NCVA at Linkoping University

Constituency Explorer created by Durham University

International migration to and from the UK  created by ONS Digital in the UK Office for National Statistics

Interactive data on sexually transmitted diseases created by the Smart Centre at Durham University

Climate spirals created by the Climate Lab Book

Projecting population size created by ONS Digital in the UK Office for National Statistics

When will you die? from the Flowingdata website

Compare your income tool. OECD’s tool to see how many households are better or worse off than yours.

RAW allows you to input data and create a variety of visualisations.

Visualisation Tools

We have reviewed an extensive set of tools for visualising data. Here is an explanation, accompanied by a document with links to resources

Tools for Visualising Data: A Review

Visualization Tools: Matrix with links