Ludwigsburg University of Education

The Ludwigsburg University of Education, located in the Stuttgart area in the Southern part of Germany, is an independent institution of higher education with approximately 5500 students and about 430 staff and faculty members. In its research and teaching LUE concentrates on educational science with four closely-related areas: school and pre-school education, extra-curricular education for children and teenagers, adult/further education as well as education in cultural and social areas. The courses of study mainly cover Primary and Secondary School Teacher Education, Special Education Teaching and Professional Education (M.Sc.). LUE is also cooperating with the nearby Universities in Stuttgart and Tübingen in jointly administered academic programs and joint research projects and PhD programs.

Students at LUE are offered scientifically-based, yet practical teacher training programmes substantiated by specific research activities.

In a wide range of Master courses, students can specialise in specific professional or research areas. The Further Education Master courses are specially organised to enable participation outside of working hours and lead to a qualification for management positions in the field of education.

Educational research is one of LUE’s main tasks and its research profile is shown through its specialisations in empirical teacher/learner research, research in school development and lessons research, all of which incorporate extensive practical components.


Contact Person: Joachim Engel,