Field sites: Athens

Galatsi without Middlemen (Galatsi Resistance and Solidarity Movement, Without Middlemen / Κίνηση Αντίστασης και Αλληλεγγύης Γαλατσίου· Χωρις Μεσαζοντες)

The Without Middlemen movement began in the Galatsi neighbourhood of Athens in 2011 as a response to the food crisis. The group contacts producers and negotiates a fair price for food and goods, thus cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings on to the public. They opened their first market in October 2012 and have since distributed 1500 tonnes of food. Today, they are a “non-profit consumer cooperative”, running a monthly distribution scheme with volunteers and distributing 150 different types of goods. More about Galatsi without Middlemen / News article on the Without Middlemen movement (in English).

KIFA (Solidarity Clinic of Athens / Κοινωνικό Ιατρείο-Φαρμακείο Αθήνας)

KIFA was founded in 2013 in response to the medical crisis throughout Greece. The organisation is dependent entirely on volunteers and donations and offers free medical assistance to those without medical insurance or employment and also to refugees regardless of their legal status. At its peak in 2016, the clinic was serving around 80 patients a day and working with over 20 medical practitioners. More about KIFA.

Mesopotamia (Moschato Citizens Movement / Κίνηση Πολιτών Μοσχάτου)

Beginning as a time bank in 2011, Mesopotamia is a school in the Moschato neighbourhood of Athens. The school now has 45 teachers providing lessons in maths, Greek and foreign languages to over 200 students. Since 2014, the organisation has also operated a “Solidarity Basket” scheme providing food to citizens and refugees. The venue also began hosting a cinema club in 2015 and holds community action meetings every week. More about Mesopotamia.

MKIE (Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko / Μητροπολιτικό Κοινωνικό Ιατρείο Ελληνικού)

Established in 2011 by cardiologist George Vichas, MKIE provides free primary medical care and medication to unemployed and uninsured patients regardless of their nationality. The organisation, based in the Helliniko district, relies solely on volunteers and in-kind donations, and does not permit any political party to be associated with the clinic or its activities. Today, the clinic works with over 200 volunteers to treat 100 patients per day and also offers psychological support to the unemployed. More about MKIE.

Donations arrive at MKIE (image c/o MKIE)

Solidarity Piraeus / Αλληλεγγύη Πειραιά

The Solidarity Piraeus movement began in 2012 to support people who had been marginalised by the crisis, particularly the unemployed. Based in Piraeus port district, the movement has developed into a non-profit cooperative. The organisation consists of 11 groups specialising in food, cooking, clothing, legal services, education and medical provision, including mental health. They have since started a time-bank scheme with their own currency, the Porto, which equates 1 Porto with 1 Euro and 4 hours work. They are working to introduce the currency into the local economy. More about Solidarity Piraeus (Greek only).

Urban Dig Project

Urban Dig was founded in 2007 and creates performance art in non-performance spaces across the city. From 2011, the group began to focus more on community involvement and using art to tell the stories of different communities, both socially and geographically. Recent pieces include the Dourgouti Island Hotel Project, a community ‘mapping’ project that culminated in a site-specific performance. More about the Urban Dig Project.

Performance Art in Dourgouti (image c/o Urban Dig)