Field sites: Newcastle

Culture Connect

Established in 2010, Culture Connect connects volunteers from different communities to hold cultural events and activities. Often centered around food or music, such meetings are an opportunity for individuals to learn new skills and learn more about different cultures. In 2011, the organisation launched Culture Kitchen, a subproject that delivers community food projects throughout Newcastle and Gateshead. To date, Culture Connect has worked with volunteers from across the North East, as well as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uganda and Zimbabwe, to name a few. More about Culture Connect.

Greening Wingrove

Greening Wingrove began as a residents movement in 2011 to tackle littering and fly tipping around Newcastle’s inner West End. The movement strives to improve the visual appearance of Wingrove by bringing the community together and harnessing their collective energy to initiate change. They regularly organise events, ranging from gardening workshops to park walks, and generate resources on green living and sustainability. More about Greening Wingrove.

The Magic Hat Cafe

Part of the Real Junk Food Project network, the Magic Hat Cafe ‘upcycles’ surplus food to feed different communities across the city. They operate ‘pay-as-you-feel’ system, where recipients can make a donation of whatever they feel the food is worth – whether monetary or skills-based. Magic Hat regularly runs pop-up events across Newcastle including, most recently, the North East Skinny Dip. More about The Magic Hat Cafe.

Magic Hat serves hungry skinny dippers at Sunrise (image c/o Magic Hat, FB)

The NewBridge Project

The NewBridge Project is a both a space and community for artists, curators and creative practitioners. NewBridge was founded in 2010 and aims to support their artistic community through not only space provision but also collaboration opportunities and development programmes. They regularly deliver exhibitions, performances and workshops in response to Newcastle’s civic and socio-political environment – such as Hidden Civil War in October 2016, which explored the impact of austerity in the fragmentation of communities. More about The NewBridge Project.

More sites will be added soon.