Records of Early English Drama North-East (REED N-E) is part of a massive international project to assemble a complete survey of medieval and early modern performance in Britain. The REED volumes are to scholars in literature and theatre what Pevsner is to architects and art historians.

REED-NE will be a critical edition of all surviving records of performance and entertainment in England’s North-East from about the ninth century up to 1642. REED has already made some fascinating discoveries from the archives of the region. Check out the Flowers of the Month in our blog.

To learn more about the work of the Records of Early English Drama North-East Project – its research, publication, outreach and project members – visit the About REED North-East page.

Discover Medieval Drama from the North East

Theatrum Mundi ran in 2016, and included free public plays alongside an exhibition of the North East’s forgotten festive heritage. Theatrum Mundi will return in 2018, so watch this space for details.

Street performances with the Durham Dragon

The Sacred and the Profane, a kaleidoscope of medieval and Renaissance music and dance

Lawrence of Durham’s Peregrini, a play about Christ at Emmaus, written by a Durham monk in about 1150

The Harrowing of Hell, an Anglo-Saxon play retelling the legend of how Christ descended to Hell after his death on the Cross

Plays from the York mystery cycle, performed by the York Festival Trust