New ‘pre-pub’ records available from Yorkshire’s West Riding

Ted McGee, co-editor of the Yorkshire, West Riding REED material (with Sylvia Thomas) has made available some new records* for West Yorkshire, relating to performance in the ancient village of Methley and nearby Methley Manor, and in the accounts of Sir Leonard Beckwith of Selby (c.1520-1555). You can access all of the current West Riding records here:


*NOTE:  The material in REED N-E’s ‘pre-pub’ database is offered in pre-publication form. It has not received editorial attention from REED’s staff paleographers and Latinists, nor have the notes and other editorial apparatus been checked for completeness and accuracy. Please see the REED prepublication homepage for full details about this pre-publication project, as well as copyright information and instructions on how to cite these materials.


2 thoughts on “New ‘pre-pub’ records available from Yorkshire’s West Riding

  1. I look forward to reading these records and the WRY volume when it arrives. Just one thing: On the page with the title “New ‘pre-pub’ records available from Yorkshire’s West Riding”, there is a button labelled “Bulk Delete”. If it really does what it says, I don’t think it’s a button I should be seeing?

    1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Henrik. This seems to have stemmed from an issue with the Google Maps plug-in that we use to display maps (the phantom ‘Bulk Delete’ button applied to the markers on the map, rather than the uploaded records). I seem to have corrected it now (and am grateful to you for pointing it out!).

      With best wishes,
      Mark Chambers
      REED N-E/Durham

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