Complete University Guide Rankings: Tooting One’s Own Horn

For the second year in a row, Durham University was ranked 6th overall in the Complete University Guide UK rankings, and 1st for English! Forgive the local team for the shameless self-promotion, but fellow REED members and enthusiasts can feel proud that the REED North-East project played its part. Here are the standings for 2020:

Happy May Day, everybody!

Crowning of the May Queen ceremony held at Collierley Modern School, Dipton, Co. Durham
(The Chronicle Live, article by S. Meecham and B. Hodgson, 25 Feb. 2019, at:
13:20, 25 FEB 2019

One thought on “Complete University Guide Rankings: Tooting One’s Own Horn

  1. That’s a very impressive acievement and well worth hooting your own town.
    John G

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