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Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont Records

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Jurisdiction 1: FamilyDocument category 1: Correspondence
From region: Yorkshire, WestFrom place: Beaumont of Whitley Beaumont
Relevant material from 1604 to 1608
Sir Richard Beaumont, of Whitley Beaumont, received letters from Sir Thomas Beaumont and Sir Henry Savile with news of entertainments at court. The first letter (dated 21 February 1603/4) alludes to the pageants prepared by London for King James I\'s coronation entry into the city. The second letter (dated 18 February 1607/8) notes the masque, Ben Jonson\'s \"Hue and Cry after Cupid\", produced for the marriage of James Lord Ramsay, Viscount Haddington, and Elizabeth Radcliffe. The Beaumont collection also contains an undated, highly abbreviated list of dances with choreographies.

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