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Doncaster Records

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Jurisdiction 1: CivicDocument category 1: Financial accounts (eg, chamberlains' or bailiffs' accounts)
Jurisdiction 2: CivicDocument category 2: Assembly rolls or council minute books
Jurisdiction 3: Star ChamberDocument category 3: N/A
From region: Yorkshire, WestFrom place: Doncaster
Relevant material from 1457 to 1642
Doncaster\'s records of performance, which range from 1457 to 1642 (the end of the period covered by REED) illustrate the various kinds of performance activity (musical, theatrical, customary, and ceremonial) and the various kinds of documents (personal, financial, legal, and administrative), that provide evidence of it.

The numbers at the top right of each entry (DN01, DN02, etc) correspond to the document descriptions that follow. Items marked with an asterisk (*) appear in the left margin of the documents. Letters in italics mark the extension of abbreviations used in the manuscripts. Square brackets ( […] ) set off material that has been crossed through. Caret brackets ( <…> ) set off places where damage has resulted in the loss of material.