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Jurisdiction 1: FamilyDocument category 1: Household accounts
Jurisdiction 2: FamilyDocument category 2: Journals/Diaries
From region: Yorkshire, WestFrom place: Methley
Relevant material from 1443 to 1614
Methley: Records of Performance

The ancient village of Methley and, just to the west, Methley Manor were located about eight miles southeast of Leeds near the confluence of the River Aire and the River Calder. The records of performance in the manor house, home of Sir Robert Waterton, include a celebration of Hogmanay during the Christmas season of 1443-1444 and rewards to travelling musicians. For the village of Methley, we have evidence of several performances of a parish play and a rush-bearing at Whitsuntide in 1614. In both cases, we are fortunate that these records survive, for they are found in sources largely devoted to other matters: Richard Whitwood's manorial account and Richard Shann's personal miscellany or commonplace book.

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