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Jurisdiction 1: CivicDocument category 1: Financial accounts (eg, chamberlains\' or bailiffs\' accounts)
From region: Yorkshire, WestFrom place: Sheffield
Refers to location(s): Yorkshire, West, Sheffield
Relevant material from 1511 to 1637
Located at the confluence of the Rivers Don and the Sheaf, Sheffield remained a relatively small town through the later medieval and early modern period. Although it was not favourably located for visits by travelling players, Sheffield maintained its own waits, rewarded musicians when its semi-annual courts met, and had an annual fair, apparently with a horse show which, on one occasion at least, included a dragon from York. The one record of dramatic activity is a list of payments related to a play, perhaps of St. Margaret in 1511. For records of Sheffield and the region, we are indebted to John Wilson of Broomhead, who collected and preserved many early documents and transcribed others that are not longer extant.

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