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Jurisdiction 1: Star ChamberDocument category 1: N/A
From region: Yorkshire, WestFrom place:
Refers to location(s): Yorkshire, West, Thorner
Relevant material from 1619 to 1621
STAC 8/225/30: Oglesthorpe v. Clough et al

In 1620, William Oglesthorpe of Oglethorpe, esquire, submitted a bill of complaint to the Court of Star Chamber alleging that four men had conspired together to defame him with false, malicious accusations of felony. The conspirators were William Clough, the Puritan vicar of Bramham (now \'Bramham cum Oglethorpe\'); his brother Robert Clough of Bramham, husbandman; his kinsman James Beale, also of Bramham; and Clement Stephenson, labourer, of North Dighton. They allegedly soborned John Spink and Richard Sayner, two of Oglethorpe\'s servants, to testify that he had, over the preceding five years, stolen sheep in the manors of Oglethorpe, Bramham, and Clifford. Sir Francis Baildon, JP for Yorkshire, heard their complaint and Oglesthorpe\'s defence and exonerated him.

William Oglesthorpe\'s bill of complaint began with a charge that William Clough had delivered a seditious sermon early in August 1619 in which he objected to a rushbearing at Thorner that some parishioners of Bramham attended and criticized King James I for making laws contrary to the laws of God.

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