Plays and Performances

Our Next Live Show

Our next free public performance will be at Souls of the North, 10th November 2018, in the Great Hall, Durham Castle. Here you will come face-to-face with a cast of deathly characters, including Beelzebub, a Quack Doctor, a Black Knight and a skull-headed wild horse, as we remember some of the traditions that commemorated death before the advent of modern Halloween. The show features authentic costumes and music played on traditional medieval and Renaissance instruments.

Past Performances

Revivals of civic shows, popular entertainment and religious drama took place in Durham’s historic centre during the Theatrum Mundi festival in 2016. A chief attraction was the first modern production of the oldest known drama from the British Isles: the Lindisfarne Harrowing of Hell. We also featured a new show, The Sacred and the Profane, a specially commissioned showcase of historic dance, music and processions.

Watch videos, see photos, and learn more about the historic background to each event.

Street performances with the Durham Dragon

The Sacred and the Profane, a kaleidoscope of medieval and Renaissance music and dance

Lawrence of Durham’s Peregrini, a play about Christ at Emmaus, written by a Durham monk in about 1150

The Harrowing of Hell, an Anglo-Saxon play retelling the legend of how Christ descended to Hell after his death on the Cross

Plays from the York mystery cycle, performed by the York Festival Trust

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