Plays and Performances

Our public performances at Theatrum Mundi in July 2016 celebrated traditions associated with the North-East, but also featured plays from other areas across Continental Europe.

Revivals of civic shows, popular entertainment and religious drama took place in Durham’s historic centre. A chief attraction was the first modern production of the oldest known drama from the British Isles: the Lindisfarne Harrowing of Hell. We also featured a new show, The Sacred and the Profane, a specially commissioned showcase of historic dance, music and processions.

Explore and watch

Street performances with the Durham Dragon

The Sacred and the Profane, a kaleidoscope of medieval and Renaissance music and dance

Lawrence of Durham’s Peregrini, a play about Christ at Emmaus, written by a Durham monk in about 1150

The Harrowing of Hell, an Anglo-Saxon play retelling the legend of how Christ descended to Hell after his death on the Cross

Plays from the York mystery cycle, performed by the York Festival Trust

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