County Durham Soul Stopper

Versions of ‘soul cakes’ can be found across Europe, but the tradition of ‘Souling’ – where the poor put on short musical or dramatic shows in return for cakes – was chiefly known in northern and western England. There was considerable regional variation in the practice. As we help ‘soul cakes’ to rise again through the Great Northern Soul Cake Bake, we challenge you to create a brilliant bake fit for County Durham.

This could be a traditional recipe with a twist in the ingredients, an inventive shape, or a bake with a story to tell – but it has to be inspired by or represent County Durham in some way.

Share Your Soul Stopper

By contributing a showstopping recipe you’ll help to bring this tradition back to life. Share your ideas and picture via the form below, or you can email researcher Barbara Ravelhofer ( Tweet your showstoper via #SoulCakeBake

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