Souls of the North

Devil and horseSouls of the North presents now-neglected traditions from the North of England and Scotland that imagine or challenge death, celebrate the dead, and that were once popular throughout the region before the advent of modern and commercialised Halloween.

There have been two sold-out shows so far, on 2nd September and 11th November 2018. The spectacle included:

  • a death-and-resurrection play with an intimidating array of personalities
  • live music from Scotland and England’s North, such as soul cake songs and the Lyke Wake Dirge
  • a depiction of early dance
  • traditional poems and and ballads
  • rarely-seen instruments performed by specialists in early music

The production was directed by Lieven Baert, a professional choreographer from Ghent.

Photographs from 11th November show are below, while a video of both shows will be available soon. All photographs credited to Michael Baker.