Images from ‘Dragon Tales at Prior’s Hall’

Here are some images from the recent ‘Dragon Tales at Prior’s Hall’ event, held in the Prior’s Hall in Durham Cathedral on 17 June. REED North-East would like to thank all of the staff, performers, volunteers and attendees (and of course the dragons!) for making this event such a success. All photo credits: Michael Baker.

The Latest Records from Durham: Boy Bishops and other customs in the Priory’s Almonry Accounts

REED: Durham editors Mark Chambers and John McKinnell are delighted to make available the latest set of Records of Early English Drama gathered from the documents of Durham’s great medieval monastery: ¬†from the accounts of the Almoners of Durham Priory.* The Almoner was the monk in charge of distributing charity and charitable gifts on behalf […]

Costuming the Theatrum Mundi: an Interview with Ros Barnes

[Dr. Mark Chambers:] In December of 2016, I interviewed Ros Barnes, chief Wardrobe Mistress for the Summer 2016 St. Oswald’s play performances of the Anglo-Saxon Harrowing of Hell and Lawrence of Durham’s Peregrini – both feature productions in Durham’s Theatrum Mundi play festival last summer. In addition to creating the fabulous costumes for the St. […]

More Photos from ‘Theatrum Mundi’

Here are some more photos from the Theatrum Mundi performances in Durham, 7-12 July 2016:                                               For more images from the performances, check out the Theatrum Mundi website at