Flower of the Month: the “Flower of the Well” – shots fired over folk customs in Alborough!

A Flower of the Well for the Flower of the Month – conflicts over old customs in Aldborough Cause papers in the Diocesan Registry of York (Borthwick Institute, York, H.C.C.P. N.D./11 [1594-5]) provide two records of conflict over the performance of folk customs in Aldborough: 1.  In July 1594, Robert Rodes (alias Scotson) heard that […]

More scenes from the 2014 York Mystery Plays

Here are some more scenes from the 2014 York Mystery Plays, taken from the second Sunday of performance (20th July). They show: 1. The Baptism of Christ, St. Sampson’s Square (NOT an advert for Pizza Express!), brought forth by HIDDen Theatre Company (John the Baptist: Mark Burghagen; Jesus: Ehren Mierau; God: Charles Hunt; Angel 1: […]

Some scenes from the 2014 York Mystery Plays

Here are some photos of last Sunday’s York Mystery Plays (13 July 2014). They include: 1. The procession of The Shepherds’ Play, by the The Guild of Scriveners, showing the pageant wagon and a team of angels (processing up Minister Yard towards Deangate) 2. Christ before Annas and Caiaphas, by The Company of Cordwainers in […]