Bob's home page

Here is a list of my publications These follow my career roughly, starting out with an undergraduate project on human psychopharmacology, then some work on reinforcement and memory, then more and more human vision, starting out with eye-movements and moving towards the neuropsychology of colour, attention and awareness (which are the main subjects of my research these days). There is a smattering of papers on neural computation and complexity throughout, which has been a continuing interest of mine for years and years.

Teaching Stuff

You can also read my thrilling lecture notes from a long-departed comparative psychology course:

and a Psychopathology course I once gave:

and some lectures on the cellular bases of memory:

In addition to various professional bodies I am also a DoD member (DoD#0884 - as they say, 'I could tell you what it means, but then I'd have to kill you') and an IAM member (thanks to Mike Cope, Mark Langridge and Bob Brown). At the moment I've got a Ducati 900SS, in the past I've owned a BMW R90S, a Ducati 250Mk3 and an Indian Brave.