My non-academic writing falls within the broad genre of speculative fiction, encompassing science fiction, fantasy (high and low), horror, dystopia, psychological thrillers, etc. I find the notion of genre philosophically problematic (though that is a matter for my academic writing not my non-academic!) and thus do not bother to try to narrow things down further than simply "speculative".

I am also the creator and main organizer of, a website for short reviews of short science fiction & fantasy stories, and a first reader for Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores.

Below is a list of my published and forthcoming short stories. My novel, The Mapping of Tula Mors, is in the final stages of editing and polishing before I start seeking representation or publication for it.



Omnia disce, videbis postea nihil esse superfluum
--Hugh of S. Victor

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