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address: Anthropology, Durham University, Dawson Building, Durham DH1 3LE
My primary geographical area of interest is Punjab, Pakistan. I conducted field research in a farming village in Attock District in 1998-1999. That research led to the publication of An Anthropological Analysis of Local Politics and Patronage in a Pakistani Village (Edwin Mellen Press, 2004). In 2002, I began carrying out sporadic research among British Pakistanis and other Pakistanis outside of Pakistan (in part via email and the www); my initial interest was linked to changing perception of Muslims in Britain, but it has since expanded to include broader themes related social and cultural knowledge reproduction and change. In 2005 I began studying Japanese Buddhist temples in western Japan (Fukui prefecture). More recently than all of these, I entered the world of real virtuality (to coin a phrase from Castells) and began poking around in SecondLife. I wouldn’t go so far as to call that research (yet) because for some reason, while I’m not timid in real reality, I am remarkably reluctant to approach virtual strangers (hence I’m a pathetic real virtuality data generator).
Throughout all of my research, I have attempted to be an ‘early adopter’ of information and communication technologies. This has included innovative use of the internet, the www, digital video and audio, simulation and social network analysis software-- lists like this get tedious and pointless beyond a certain number. Suffice to say, I am not a computer master, by any means, but I recognise a good tool when I see one.
Theoretically, one thing that links all of these different activities is an interest in cultural systems, be they in the domains of politics, marriage, economics, health or religion. To this end, I have a strong interest in formal modelling which has led to my involvement in projects developing e-science software tools for social scientists.
[The picture at the top of the page, by the way, is me and my son about to go for a cycle ride on one of the many glorious sunny spring days in the NE of England (so don’t listen to anyone who complains about the weather in County Durham).]
Dr Stephen M. Lyon