Sergii Veremieiev


Assistant Professor at Durham University

MPhys, PhD, FHEA




School of Engineering

Durham University

South Road

Durham DH1 3LE, UK

Location: Room E323 (Floor 3.5 Christopherson Building)

Tel: +44(0)1913344287

Email: s dot veremieiev at durham dot ac dot uk


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Sergii Veremieiev obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees, both in Physics, from Donetsk National University in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Then he moved to the UK to undertake a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Leeds under the EST Marie Curie Research Programme. Upon completion of his PhD in 2011, he took up a research fellow position in Leeds to work in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics. Late in 2013 he joined Liverpool John Moores University to work as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. In January 2015 he started a Lectureship at the School of Engineering of Durham University.


Research interests


Sergii is conducting the research activities in the field of fluid mechanics in the School of Engineering at Durham University. This is a fascinating multi-disciplinary area of engineering and applied mathematics. He is also part of Future Energy Systems Research Group. His particular research interests are:

         Capillary flows and wetting

         Free-surface and multiphase flows

         Flows with moving contact lines

         Hydrodynamic stability

         Computational Fluid Dynamics

         Numerical analysis: finite difference, finite volume, finite element methods

         Partial differential equation solvers: multigrid, multifrontal, generalised minimal residual methods

         Parallel Processing and High Performance Computing




Courses Im teaching in 2017/2018 are:


         ENGI1131 L1 Design Practicals (Epiphany)

         ENGI2231 L2 Fluid Mechanics (Michaelmas)

         ENGI3291 and ENGI30420 L3 / MSc Nuclear Engineering (Michaelmas)

         ENGI3291 and ENGI30420 L3 / MSc CFD Analysis Coursework (Michaelmas)

         ENGI4281 and ENGI44120 L4 / MSc New and Renewable Thermal Technologies (Epiphany)


All teaching materials are now available on DUO.


Past PhD students (as secondary supervisor)


Ayad Abdalla. Bilayer channel and free-surface thin film flow over topography. PhD thesis, University of Leeds, p. 261, 2014


David Slade. Gravity-driven thin liquid films: rivulets and flow dynamics. PhD thesis, University of Leeds, p. 251, 2013.


Research Projects


1. Flows of droplets on solid surfaces [Experiments: Podgorski et al, Phys. Rev. Let., 2001; Modelling: Veremieiev et al, Interf. Phenom. Heat Tran. 2014]


2. Formation of rivulet instability on solid surfaces [Experiments: F.G. Johnson et all, J. Fluid Mech, 1999; Modelling: D. Slade, PhD thesis, University of Leeds, 2013]


3. Crown formation on droplets splashing liquids [Experiments: Vander Wal et al, Experiments in Fluids, 2006; Modelling: Robert Battrum, MEng Final Year Report, Durham University, 2017]


4. Capillary instabilities in thin film flows [Experiments: Lloyd von Morgen, MEng Final Year Report, Durham University, 2017]




1. C++/MPI Free-Surface Solver. Code for numerical simulation of free surface flows using built-in multigrid and/or external solver libraries. Please contact me if you would like to have a copy.


2. C/Fortran Interface for HSL library. Bunch of subroutines providing C/Fortran interface for Harwell Subroutine Library (HSL) frontal solver with some simple tests provided.


3. BibTeX library for Free Surface Flows. Library of scientific publications for free surface flows as 2016.


4. Figures in Technical Report. Template for generating raster (PNG) and vector (PDF) images using Matlab and Word and presenting them in a Technical Report (Latex or Word).


PhD Thesis


Sergii Veremieiev. Gravity-driven continuous thin film flow over topography. PhD thesis, University of Leeds, p. 212, 2011.


Journal Papers


[1] S. Veremieiev, H.M. Thompson and P.H. Gaskell. Free-surface film flow over topography: full three-dimensional finite element solutions. Comput. Fluids, 122: 66-82, 2015.

[2] S. Veremieiev, A. Brown, P.H. Gaskell, C.R. Glass, N. Kapur and H.M. Thompson. Modelling the flow of droplets of bio-pesticide on foliage. Interf. Phenom. Heat Tran.: 2(1): 114, 2014.

[3] D. Slade, S. Veremieiev, Y.C. Lee, and P.H. Gaskell. Gravity-driven thin film flow: the influence of topography and thermal effects on rivulet formation. Chem. Eng. Process.: Process Intens., 68: 712, 2013.

[4] S. Veremieiev, H.M. Thompson, M. Scholle, Y.C. Lee, and P.H. Gaskell. Electrified thin film flow at finite Reynolds number on planar substrates featuring topography. Int. J. Multiphas. Flow, 44: 4869, 2012.

[5] S. Veremieiev, H.M. Thompson, Y.C. Lee, and P.H. Gaskell. Inertial two- and three-dimensional thin film flow over topography. Chem. Eng. Process.: Process Intens., 50(5-6): 537542, 2011.

[6] S. Veremieiev, H.M. Thompson, Y.C. Lee, and P.H. Gaskell. Inertial thin film flow on planar surfaces featuring topography. Comput. Fluids, 39(3): 431450, 2010.