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Highlights of my recent teaching activities in Medicine School at Durham University. Teaching Year 1 and Year 2 medical students.


Teaching title Type of teaching
Pituitary gland Clinical skills
Venepuncture from real arm Clinical skills
Venepuncture from trained arm Clinical skills
Gastrointestinal anatomy (abdominal cavity and peritoneal reflections) Anatomy practical
CVRR Patient with Anuria Case-led teaching
CVRR Dehydrated medical student, Nephrotic Syndrome and Chronic Renal Failure CRF Case-led teaching
Anatomy Practical - Anatomy of Kidney Small group teaching Practical (Cadavers)
Osteology of the ankle Anatomy practical (Cadavers)
Medical thigh Anatomy Practical(Cadavers)
Breast examination Clinical Skills
Examination of RS and lungs Clinical Skills
Heart and CVR examination Clinical Skills
Lecture on Childbirth Lecture - Anatomy Large Group Teaching
Thorax 2 Body painting Anatomy Small group teaching
Thoracic contents Anatomy practical (Cadavers)
Spermatogenesis SDL+Histology books and laminated sheets
Male reproductive system Practical anatomy (Cadavers)
Lecture on male and female Perineum Pelvic Large group teaching
First and Second marking using Grademark Software (Turnitin's digital markup system) Essay on Preparing for Early Clinical Experience
First and Second marker using Grademark Software (Turnitin's digital markup system) Essays on.. The Worldwide Web as a Resource for Patient Information
First and second marker Anatomy DIPSE


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