Underage drinking is a big problem
Alcohol is a growing problem amongst children
Hannah thinks there should be more education in schools about the dangers of alcohol.

"Underage alcohol drinking is a problem that many parents are faced with a lot sooner than they'd like to be.

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In fact the problem is on the increase, with more young children drinking in Britain now than ever before.

Serving alcohol in a pub
There has also been a lot of press coverage about cannabis and the dangers of illegal drugs.

But alcohol has been overlooked greatly and it could be one of the most dangerous and harmful drugs.

Drinking age

This is because from a young age children are brought up to find it socially acceptable, with parents frequently drinking in the presence of children.

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Alcohol Advice
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The legal age to drink varies all over the world.

For example it is legal to purchase alcohol at the age of 16 in France, however you have to wait until you are 21 to do this in America.

You cannot prevent teenagers from meeting alcohol but you can educate them about the right way to react with situations and be sensible about drinking.

Perhaps this is one of the ideas we should focus on to decrease the amount of drinking, instead of just banning children from going to environments where alcohol is served."

Hannah, 15