JCR Meeting Minutes 12/ 02/ 17

Minutes from the 2nd JCR meeting of Epiphany Term 2017

Sunday 12th February, 7pm, Dining Hall

Apologies are to be submitted to Jack Tellyn, JCR Chair, at JCRapologies@gmail.com or to the Exec Mailbox by the Dining Hall before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.


  1. The minutes of the last meeting

These are available on the JCR Website.


  1. Matters Arising

There are no matters arising.


  1. JCR Announcements

Announcements from JCR officers.


  1. Motions

Motion to ratify the Latinos at Mary’s society.

This JCR Notes: That at present, there is no such society in existence. At present, this motion notes that there is a need for such a society. This society would contribute to the welfare of St. Mary’s student population by sharing the culture of Latin America in various ways.

This JCR Believes: That this society would represent a percentage of the population of St. Mary’s in a way that is not currently possible.

This JCR Resolves: To create the Latinos at Mary’s Society. The society’s description will be as follows:

There shall be a President who shall;

  • Oversee the society as a whole
  • Plan some of the activities for the year, with the help of other society members
  • Work with various other societies to plan activities
  • Tend to the welfare of society members
  • Represent the society in any way necessary in both College and University settings

There shall be a Vice President who shall;

  • Assist the President in their capacity
  • Work with the president to oversee the development and completion of events for the Society
  • Organise activities for the year, with the help of other society members
  • Tend to the welfare of society members
  • Act as the President if for whatever reason, the President cannot attend an event or meeting

There shall be a Treasurer who shall;

  • Manage the funds for the society
    • Including membership fees and activity fees
    • Including JCR grants
    • Including any other influx of money for the society
  • Create a budget for the events and activities of the society

Proposed by: Ricardo Mercado Cordero                       Seconded by: Ellie NG.



 5. Questions of Officers


6. Elections, Hustings and Interviews   

I. Midsummer Ball Chair

Camille Levron

Proposed by: Ruth Kaufmann Wolfe

Seconded by: Jordan Blunsom

  • First year studying Classics.
  • Passionate about theme
  • Been in the two previous committees, understand how balls work, dedicated to giving time to ensure balls are good as they can.
  • Experience working and leading groups through internships, volunteering and organising events.
    • Organised food and wine for Oxfam Christmas party.
  • Theme for ball – Arabian Nights.
    • Food – Lebaneat inspired, ensure good vegetarian option. Food stands throughout the night, Turkish tea for survivors’ breakfast.
    • Allow for creative outfit.
    • Henna artists, Arabian-themed props for photobooth.
    • Entertainment – belly dancing, fire dancers, tarot reader, camel rides.
    • Tents or areas with different activities – dancing, chilling, eating, shisha area, lots of pillows
    • Lights everywhere
  • Assign roles through interviews and experience to ensure fairness.


Karl Williams

Proposed by: Henry Meech

Seconded by: Martha Rowe

    • Second year studying Japanese and Russian.
    • Committee member for Winter and Masquerade ball this year – experienced.
    • College involvement – Panto, DUCK exec, Beekeeping society, course rep.
    • Organised with time.
    • Good working relationship with current Social Chair – would help with organizing the ball.
    • Open to suggestions for themes but current ideas:
      • A Series of Unfortunate Event
      • Around the World in 80 Days
      • Myths and Legends
    • Food throughout the night, eg. Food truck open all night serving more substantial food.
    • Review of all ents from last year to see what went well/could be improved upon.
    • Start planning as soon as possible (ie. pre-Easter) to avoid too much things having to be done later when exams are happening.
    • Ticket prices to be kept at current levels in order not to compromise quality.



Jack Parker

Proposed by: Helen Paton

Seconded by: Lewis Robinson

  • Love working with a group of people to make an end product everyone enjoys.
  • Experience – Head Organiser of Sixth Form Ball, organised Christmas concert for pensioners.
  • One viable idea not set in stone yet, open to more ideas. Keep element of surprise.
    • Classic and timeless with modern edge.
    • Love letter to Mary’s
    • Nature-based (take advantage of Mary’s grounds)
    • Light show as centre piece.
  • Organise a team as soon as possible
    • Mix of all years so good things from previous years carried forward, but with fresh, innovative touch.
  • Ticket prices to be as low as possible without compromising on quality, and to go on sale as soon as possible.


II. Societies Officer

Tom Pocock

Proposed by: Bethany Lyttle

Seconded by: Laura Martin

  • Third year studying Maths & Physics
  • Been involved over the last two-and-a-half years, want to make sure everyone at Mary’s gets the same opportunities he had.
  • Board in college with all the societies like the JCR board
  • More Facebook coordination, like Sam Martin’s Team Mary’s
  • Film all the different events, societies and sports teams throughout the year to showcase Mary’s.


Lilia Manova

Proposed by: Jenny Avdoi

Seconded by: Matteo Toffanin

  • First year doing Economics and Politics
  • Experience with organising events and member of several societies (eg. Mary’s Volleyball team, SMCCFS 2017, DU Economics Society)
  • Ideas:
    • Create online profiles for all societies, so exec members are easy to contact
    • Ensure a proper coordination between societies and the activities they organise – no clashes.
    • Increase opportunities to showcase and join societies outside of Freshers and Refreshers week.
    • Ensure societies target both local and international students.
    • Create new societies related to promoting a healthy lifestyle.


III.        Senior Freshers’ Rep

Sam Martin

Proposed by: Ruth Kaufmann Wolfe

Seconded by: Owen MacCuish

  • Second year doing Politics and International Relations
  • Appreciate the importance of Freshers’ Week – most important moment of university life because it sets one up for the next few years.
  • Qualities for the role: approachable, interested in meeting new people, actively want to ensure people have the best possible time at Mary’s. Organised, especially as Sports Officer.
  • Experience in coordinating events within college and for the whole university.
  • Very passionate about Mary’s.
  • College involvement:
    • Sports officer – responsible for major events, publicity, know people – important to choose Freps.
    • Capatined Men’s Basketball team, C team Football, social sec for Lacrosse and Rounders, involved in tennis and C Team darts.
    • 2 college pantos, college musical, Fashion Show host this year.
    • Frep and Visit Day rep last year – understand what it takes to put on events for new students.
    • College Half Colours, Fresher of the Year 2016.
  • Experience managing university events:
    • Acted in two university plays, two shows on Purple Radio, this year’s University Sports Commentator.
    • Durham Strictly Come Dancing champion this year – able to dance for a week solid with minimal sleep which is crucial for a Frep.
  • Ideas:
    • Swap Loveshack for Missoula, Wiff Waff for Studio/Loft so more representative of where Mary’s students go for nights out.
    • More events like the Murder Mystery eg. Cinema evening, drama or comedy workshop, or design t-shirts for Glastonmary’s.
    • Place greater focus on sports and societies – so maybe more taster sessions/meetings.
    • More college and town tours across the week.


Ellie Ng

Proposed by: Elliot Fox

Seconded by: Henry Blythe

  • Love college – cringed mum out.
  • Ideas:
    • Keep week pretty similar to this year’s.
    • Anonymization of applications to be more strict – applications to be sent to JCR Chair to be anonymous – ensure absolute fairness.
    • Stash to be ordered in on time.
    • Adhere more strictly to the new exec standing orders – lay out specific duties for each exec member. Some freps were stretched thin this year.
    • More rigid night duty rota so freps do not get overtired.
    • More events like the Murder Mystery.
    • Invite restaurant representatives around Durham (eg. Lebaneat, Fat Hippo) to set up stalls around the dining hall for a buffet thing.
    • Keen for opinions so will send surveys for ideas or suggestions before end of academic year.
  • Experience:
    • Head International Frep last year
      • Organised International inductions, made timetable, delegated events, sent out colour-coded organisation sheets for team.
      • Worked very closely with Will Durgan (last year’s head frep) so know what’s involved.
    • International Rep for Mary’s this year
      • Involved with college continually
      • Go to meetings with college staff
      • Do all these because care about the community..
    • Winter ball exec – Co-Head of food and drinks
      • Expert on emails and meetings
      • Good working relationship with Mustafa.
      • Experienced with making and putting up decs for college events – important.
    • Mary’s hockey club – social sec
      • Know how to do good socials and Freshers’ week is basically an extended social so know what she’s doing.
  • Qualities:
    • Organised, experienced, approachable.
    • Would absolutely love to have this role.
    • Believe can do a great job and put everything into it.


IV. Communities Officer

Zach Herbertson

Proposed by: Pip Orchard

Seconded by: Juliane Thorbjørnsen

  • Second-year studying Classics.
  • Involved with CommComm as Events Rep – very enjoyable hence would like to run for Communities Officer.
    • Learnt problems, look forward to build on that.
  • Involved with SCA
    • Interacted young adults with learning disabilities, low and high-function autism to be more comfortable with social setting.
    • Very rewarding, want to share with everyone.
    • Huge amount of projects, can always join.
  • Want to advertise not only start of the year fairs, but also SCA inductions and DBS checks.
  • Ensure everyone knows about projects both in college and around uni.


V.        Arts President

Katie Booth

Proposed by: Lizzy Robertson

Seconded by: Martha Rowe


  • Believe the arts are very important for creative outlet, relieving stress and anxiety at Uni, get people more involved in a community at college.
  • Role involves a lot of organizing, and working with music, theatre and art societies at Mary’s.
    • Experience organizing events and competitions as House Captain in school, therefore used to working with people and delegating tasks.
    • Worked on the past three ball committees so understand how college events work in terms of arts supplies and tech.
  • Would like to purchase sheets to cover floor in order for decs sessions to not be in dingy basement.
  • Aim to follow through with current arts committee:
    • Subscription for sheet music
    • Continue with successful events such as Build a Band, t-shirt decoration and life drawing (in contact with a model).
    • Spread out taster sessions for art and music more throughout the year (people pass by these the first few weeks of term without realizing)
    • Work more with DUCK, LGBT reps, and Mary’s societies generally.
  • Have talked to both Ella and Kirsten, understand what the role entails and confident of ability.


Havishyan Thakral

Proposed by: Will McGowan

Seconded by: Helen Paton

  • A lot of diversity in Mary’s arts, and has huge potential.
  • Cultural diversity is important because culture is what shapes people, identity and influences behavior.
  • Aim to strengthen cultural diversity at Mary’s as a way of:
    • Recognizing and acknowledging the abundant diversity of cultures
    • Increasing our respect and awareness for the differences, and valuing the presence of other cultures
    • Celebrating diversity rather than just tolerating the differences in order to bring about unity through diversity.
  • Plans:
    • UN Night – was successful in previous school
    • Celebration of festivals as they come up
    • St Mary’s Got Talent
    • Open Mic Nights – poets, comedians, singers, musicians
  • Qualifications
    • Genuine passion for the Arts, especially Music (Part of MMV, performed at all live lounges this year) – confident for the role, passion would also be reflected.
    • Communication skills, organized, dedicated, hardworking – involved in 3 sports teams at Mary’s, course representative for Geography


VI.       Bar Steward

Ali Huse

Proposed by: Jack Leyland

Seconded by: Zach Herbertson

  • Second year psychologist.
  • College bar potentially the most important facility in Mary’s.
  • Have worked at bar since first term.
    • Provided experience and developed skills suitable for a CV while providing a source of income.
    • Have loved time at the bar, tried to get more involved and take more responsibility (eg. Frequently do stock checks and valuations of both bars and cellar store with Mustafa. Spent the day after Winter Ball completing a cellar management training course – implemented slight changes in cleaning and the jobs done as part of cleaning).
  • Aim to fully understand development of the bar and push for everything possible, and consciously act to inform the whole college of development plans, as well as ensure the best job possible is being done.
  • Fully welcome any ideas people have to improve the bar.
    • Eg. Expansion of snack collection – bar operates extended hours in comparison to shop.
    • Do a week for a special guest ale, similar to Midsummer or Mary’s Day.
    • Introduce system to open bar to show various sports events. Post on Fresher’s page and gaging by number of likes whether to open the bar or not.


VII.      JCR Vice President

Chris Christou

Proposed by: Peter Watson

Seconded by: Havishyan Thakral

  • First year studying computer science with foundation.
  • Wanted to be VP since third week in Mary’s.
  • Qualifications:
    • Involved in organisation of events (eg. Street markets, concerts)
    • Interned as project manager, developed management and time management, as well as essential people and communication skills.
    • Trained as summer camp group leader for children 9-15 years: developed problem solving skills.
  • Ideas:
    • Online survey for the JCR to see what meets the needs of students and what does not.
    • Survey about equipment (eg. Pool cues/table tennis paddles) – whether they need to be kept in reception so they do not get destroyed, proceed according to survey results.
    • Publish menus on website/JCR Snapchat.
    • Will help in any way – no problem is too small or too big.


Jordi Buckley

Proposed by: Myles McKay

Seconded by: James Gunn

  • Would like to be part of the exec and make a positive impact on Marian lives.
  • Ideas are open to alterations.
    • Gossip girl column on the weekly emails – amusing, liven spirits, act as a cohesive force, unites college. Rule – cannot be at the expense of others.
    • Raise awareness of Mary’s position as a historic pioneer for women’s education – have a ball to promote this fact.


VIII.     JCR Chair

Charly Robson

Proposed by: Juliane Thorbjørnsen

Seconded by: Ali Huse

  • Second year studying Combined Honours
  • Qualities:
    • Good understanding of the role – experience as Assistant JCR Chair.
    • Fair and impartial person.
    • Very approachable.
    • Organised – can balance role and degree.
  • Ideas:
    • Create an online calendar – include meeting dates, and when roles are coming up for election. Hope to allow more time for people to decide to run for positions/do bogsheets. Aim to increase number of candidates running for positions, and give first years more time to learn about positions they may be interested in.
    • Continue Facebook Live to include livers out in meetings, and those who missed meetings and want to catch up on what happened.
    • Run polls to see if livers in are happy with snacks provided or if a change is in order.
  • Really passionate about the role, want to elevate it to the best it can be.


Owen MacCuish

Proposed by: Mima Coleman

Seconded by: Zach Fox

  • Ideas:
    • JCR meetings should continue to authorize the founding of new societies and fill Exec positions.
    • Aim to make everyone feel that they have a stake at what’s going on during meetings.
    • Make motions more accessible, meetings more worthwhile, standing orders more relevant to increase meeting turnout and engagement.
    • Reward scheme for 100% meeting attendance instead of punishments, formal priority instead of fines.
    • Introduce motion anonymity to encourage submissions and reconsider signature requirement for candidates.
  • Qualifications:
    • Founded student council in school
  • Consult JCR at start and end of every one of the ideas.


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