JCR Calendar 2018/19


Sunday 28th April – First Meal of Easter Term

Monday 19th April – Lectures Begin

Saturday 4th May – Beekeeping Experience Days

Sunday 5th May – Finalists’ Photo & Clubs and Societies Photos

Sunday 5th May – JCR Meeting

Thursday 9th May – Presidents’ Guest Night Formal

Monday 13th May – Exams Begin

Saturday 18th May – WAM Chill out in Kenworthy Hall

Saturday 1st June – Beekeeping Experience Day

Sunday 2nd June – Beekeeping Experience Day

Friday 7th June – EXAMS END

Friday 7th June – End of Exams Formal

Tuesday 18th June – Midsummer Ball

Friday 21st June – Summer Musical Performance

Sunday 23rd June – Mary’s Day

Tuesday & Wednesday 25th & 26th June – Summer Musical Performances

Thursday 27th June – Finalists’ Formal

Saturday 29th June – Last meal of term Breakfast

Tuesday 2nd July – Graduation Drinks Reception

Wednesday 3rd July – Graduation Dinner

Thursday 4th July – Graduation Dinner

Friday 5th July – Graduation Drinks Reception