The JCR Executive Committee (Ex-Officio)

Assistant Female WAM Officer – Francesca Walker, 2nd Year Law

You’ll meet me in the Welfare at Mary’s section of the website!

Assistant Male WAM Officer – Charlie Gerlack, 2nd Year Geography (BA)

You’ll meet me in the Welfare at Mary’s section of the website!

Communities Officer – Zach Herbertson, 3rd Year Classics

Hi everyone! My name is Zach and I’m a third-year Classics student and I’ll be your Communities Officer this year! That means I’ll be the college’s representative for Student Community Action, the uni-wide volunteering organisation so look out for announcements from me about anything to do with volunteering, be that around uni, specifically in college or relating to careers.

I also head the Communities Committee, or CommComm, and our aim is to organise outreach programmes which anyone in college can get involved with. I really want to get as many people as possible involved with volunteering opportunities here in Durham because there are simply so many diverse projects to try out; in first term, I will be taking applications from anyone for a new committee and, hopefully, one of the things we’ll be doing this year is setting up a recurring visit for a group of Mary’s students to a care home in the viaduct. We’ll be also aiming to put on a few events to raise money for local and national charities and I look forward to getting loads of Marians involved in whatever way! Any questions, feel free to find me on Facebook or email me on zachary.stuart-herbertson@durham.ac.uk J

Disabilities Representative – Jenny Holdaway, 2nd Year Archaeology (BSc)

Hey everyone, my name is Jenny and I’m a second year Archaeology student and your Disabilities Rep for this year! Congratulations on becoming part of a College that I hope you will find as welcoming, friendly and conveniently located as I did (especially if you’re a fellow science site student).

As Disabilities Rep I’m here to make sure Mary’s is as accessible as possible and represent the issues facing students with disabilities, including mental health, physical and learning disabilities. You will find me running awareness campaigns, working with the Students with Disabilities Association (SwDA), WAM and alongside DUCK in furthering their great work in supporting charities like Mind. I will also be setting up a Mary’s specific disability page where you can find information on SwDA events, articles of interest, and of course what’s happening at Mary’s. I know that it can be difficult to orient yourself, so I am also here for any questions on where to go to sort exam concessions, getting a Disabled Students’ Allowance, what kind of support services are available and where to find them, or any other questions you might have. I have also worked on several ball committees, been a member of St. Mary’s College Boat Club, Mary’s Mixed Voices, Foot of the Hill Theatre, Mary’s FemSoc, and part of the Toastie Bar Staff, so would be happy to talk to you about those experiences.

Please know that I am here to represent you so feel free to contact me with questions, concerns or suggestions. You can find me on Facebook (under Jennifer Holdaway) or contact me on my Durham e-mail: jennifer.s.holdaway@durham.ac.uk.

I look forward to meeting you all and hope you have a great first year at Durham!

Environment Representative – Jess Chadwick, 2nd Year Biology

Hi, I’m Jess, a second year Biology student. You’ve already met me in the Frep section of the website but here’s a bit about my role this year.

As this year’s Environment Rep I am in charge of all things green at Mary’s! We have an Environment Committee as well as an Environment Society so there are plenty of ways to get involved with all the great eco events around college! From bake sales and film nights to litter picks and awareness weeks, Environment Society does it all (with the added bonus of being for a great cause). As Environment Rep I liaise with all the other Environment Reps from other colleges and the staff environment group here at Mary’s, so there are plenty of environment-based ideas flying around all the time. Since last year we also introduced the Green Goblin scheme around college so every corridor gets an extra bit of green incentive throughout the year, I’ll send more info on this bit once term starts.

If anyone ever wants to get involved in any way or has any recycling or environment based questions, feel free to email me whenever at jessica.j.chadwick@durham.ac.uk.

Hope you have a wonderful summer and see you in October!

Head Post-Offer Visit Day Representative – to be elected

This will be elected in the course of the upcoming academic year. If you are interested in it, keep your eye on the President’s weekly emails or if you have any questions, contact Luke on st-marys.jcr@durham.ac.uk.

I.T. Representative – Charlie McCord, 3rd Year Anthropology (BSc)

Heyo. My name’s Charlie and I’m a third year BSc Anthropologist. As everyone else has probably already said congrats on getting into Durham and the most awesome college, Mary’s!

As IT rep my job is getting you all hooked up on the university Wi-Fi and making the most of the tech facilities on offer. This includes but is not limited to; advising you on new tech, using tech to make the most of your degree, and fixing any problems you run into (or trying to anyway). I’m also in charge of the JCR site so if you have any feedback about that drop me a line. My favourite part of the job is just troubleshooting problems and trying to solve them so don’t worry about asking me to help.

I have 1 major tip for having a smooth time getting onto the Wi-Fi and that’s UPDATE BEFORE YOU COME (that’s covering your antivirus and operating system!)

As cheesy as it sounds my favourite thing about Durham is the number of opportunities available, from social and sports opportunities to volunteering and academic options. There really are at least 3 things for everyone. Take me, so far I’ve excavated an 11th century Transylvanian cemetery, helped research Samango monkey behaviour in South Africa, and chipped in doing tech for the Christmas panto. I’ve also set up St Mary’s Archaeology and Anthropology Society, which everyone should join because we’re great.

If you have any questions about IT Stuff, Anthropology, being the T in LGBT at university, or anything else really feel free to email me atjohn.c.mccord@durham.ac.uk.

LGBT+ Representative – Kristie Overton, 2nd Year PPE

Hi all, I’m Kristie and I’m a second year studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics and I am this years LGBT+ rep! As LGBT+ rep, I plan on ensuring that Mary’s is sufficiently loud and proud, by running lots of socials and events throughout the year to really unite the community! My main aim is that by the end of the year we can have a well running LGBT+ group who can all go to pride together and have a wildly queer time (featuring lots of glitter, cheesy music and rainbows). As well as this I’m going to be making sure that there is a welfare side to the LGBT+ related activities in Mary’s, so I will be running welfare drop in sessions, during the Epiphany and Easter terms, for anyone who would like to chat to a friendly face about anything LGBT+ related.

When it comes to becoming involved in the LGBT+ community here, I will try to make this as easy as possible for you all! There is a Facebook group which you can be added to, simply by approaching me at the Freshers’ Fair (at the LGBT+ table) or by searching for the ‘St Mary’s LGBT(+) Discussion Group’  on Facebook. Any socials and important information will be published on here as well as around college and on the main Freshers Page!  There will also be cards around college from both the university wide LGBT+ society and with my details on, for anyone who would prefer not to approach the LGBT+ table at the Freshers’ Fair. I also want to ensure that everyone sees me as a friendly and approachable face, by making sure I’m often in college, particularly during Michaelmas term, and anyone should feel free to contact me, even for the smallest of things, either via email or Facebook! My email is kristie.overton@durham.ac.uk.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Livers’ Out Representative – Zoë Taylor, 4th Year Maths

Hey guys! I’m Zoë, a 4th Year Mathematician and I will be your JCR Livers’ Out Rep this year. You may also see me around as an MCR (postgrad) Frep. For most of you who will live in college this year, my role will be to help sort out your accommodation for next year and answer any of your questions and concerns from choosing your housemates to figuring out bills! There are so many different options for housing all around Durham so I will try to make this process as straightforward as possible by sharing our knowledge from previous years. We want you to enjoy living out as much as living in college as it can really make your Durham experience and I’ve had the best times over the past 3 years! I will also be making sure that if you do live out in your own accommodation you stay well in touch with college and our events. For example, we have regular Livers’ Out Brunches so that any Mary’s students can come together to enjoy the best college meal! We have such a fantastic close community here at Mary’s and so many things to get involved in, for example I play for our Table Tennis team, I was President of Mary’s Mixed Voices choir and I also perform in our college Live Lounges. Please don’t hesitate to get stuck in and email me at z.j.t.taylor@durham.ac.uk with any questions or just to have a chat about college life!

Midsummer Ball Chair – to be elected

This will be elected in the course of the upcoming academic year. If you are interested in it, keep your eye on the President’s weekly emails or if you have any questions, contact Luke on st-marys.jcr@durham.ac.uk.

Senior DUCK Representatives – Cerys Jones, 2nd Year Sociology, and Jordan Blunsom, 2nd Year History

Hi everyone, I’m Cerys and I’m a second year studying Sociology, and I’m Jordan, a second year History student, and we are your Senior DUCK Reps this year! Congratulations on getting into Mary’s – we had an amazing time in college last year and we hope you will have an even better experience than we did!

DUCK stands for Durham University Charities Kommittee, and as your DUCK Reps this year, we are responsible for organising and administrating all college charity events! We will be looking for an exec to work alongside us to help coordinate the events to make them the best they can be. But you do not have to be overly involved with DUCK – anyone can sign up as a member and can come forward with any fantastic charity event ideas. Our favourite event from this year that was organised by Mary’s DUCK was ‘Tri-48’ which was our 48-hour Triathlon in aid of Walking with the Wounded and YoungMinds which raised over £3000 and got the whole college involved! Even if you are not an athlete, we will have an event that is suited to you – whether that is a charity formal or even just a karaoke night – there are so many ways that you can help us make a difference to the lives of many.

We will have two college charities, one that is locally based and a wider national charity, that YOU will all help to decide at the start of this year. We want as many people to be involved with DUCK as possible as this is our college’s opportunity to really make a change. As a member of the DUCK exec this year (Cerys) I have had a fantastic chance to see how we can open up DUCK to the whole college and make events new and exciting. We have both merged DUCK with other societies within college this last year through the Triathlon and we would love to get charity involved with as much as possible in this year to come!

If you have any questions just drop us a message on our e-mails:



We hope to hear lots of fantastic charity ideas from you soon!

Senior Freshers’ Representative – Sam Martin, 3rd Year Politics and International Relations

You’ve already met me in the Freshers’ Reps section of the website!

Senior International Students’ Representative  Tullia Fraser, 2nd Year Archaeology (BA)

You’ve already met me in the International Students section of the website!

Senior Tech OfficerJack Dobson, 2nd Year Computer Science

Hey freshers! I’m Jack, your Senior Tech Officer this year. As the Exec member with by far the coolest position of the team, I’ll be handling tech for all events in college, whether that’s formals, gigs, or theatre productions. During my first year I sorted tech for balls, live lounges (which I plan to run more of!) and of course Mary’s Day, the big end of year festival, which I also MC’d. Last year we had 800 people – it’s definitely one of the best days in college.

But I can’t do this alone – I’ll be setting up a tech committee in first term to assemble a team to help me with events and get involved in college tech, so get in touch to find out more about how you can get involved.

When I’m not hiding behind a mixing desk, I’m playing drums for bands in college, including the college jazz band, Basement Jazz. I’m also on the Exec for BJ so come find me if you want to hear more! As STO I want to get more bands going in college, more people involved in music, and more people recording! If you want to hear more about music in college and how we can help, you know who to ask (also speak to Katie Booth, Arts President, who can put you in touch with the Music Rep). This year I’ve also played Badminton for Mary’s, been Percussion Leader for DU Concert Band and completed a 48-hour charity triathlon, organised by Mary’s students! Feel free to ask me about all that too.

I suppose I should mention I actually do a course at Durham too. I’m a second year Computer Science student, so introduce yourself if you’re a fellow CompSci. If I have one piece of advice for your first year at Durham – really throw yourself in, get involved in as much as you can. I can’t wait to see how this year’s freshers make their mark at Mary’s. Any questions drop me a message on Facebook or email me at jack.c.dobson@durham.ac.uk. See you in Induction Week!

Shop Manager – Catherine Bryant, 4th Year Chinese Studies

Hello new Marians! My name is Catherine, and I’m now in my fourth year of Chinese Studies. I am delighted to be your Shop Manager for the coming year.

I began working in the shop as a fresher, and have since been involved with ball committees within college, MMV choir and (with mixed results) badminton. I am also involved with university dance societies, and have loved working on university open days. I look forward to meeting you all soon, and hopefully seeing you as shop customers!

This year I, along with a dedicated team of fellow students, will be providing for your sugar/bad snack cravings when movie nights or last-minute study sessions arise. Located in the basement, Mary’s shop stocks varied confectionary, snacks, soft drinks and milk in addition to other basic necessities. There is also excellent pick and mix which is always popular, and I will be open to suggestions throughout the year as to what you would like to see stocked. If you are also looking to earn a little extra money, I will also be taking applications for new employees early in the term so look out for notices…

The shop is open from 8.30 every evening, so if you are suffering from a hole that cannot be filled by college food then come down and see what we have! We also have a vending machine available for when the shop is closed, and run stalls at various college events. Feel free to give the St Mary’s College Shop page a like on Facebook, so you can keep up to date with news and special offers that will be coming throughout the term.

I look forward to seeing you soon! If you have any questions, please do email me at c.j.bryant@durham.ac.uk.

Societies Officer – Tom Pocock, 4th Year Maths and Physics

Hi all! Huge congrats on getting into Durham and the greatest (and friendliest) college. I’m sure you’re all excited and nervous in equal measures and I’d just like to reassure you that you’re about to start the best 3 (or 4) years of your life.

My name’s Tom and I’m a 4th year studying Maths and Physics, and this year’s Societies Officer, so any questions about those subjects, joining/starting a society at Mary’s, or even what it’s like to be old then feel free to contact me before Induction Week or just come and chat once you’re up here!

As well as academic work there’s so much to get involved in with the college and over the years I’ve been part of the Football Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Darts Club and drama society and still managed to meet some of my deadlines! My best piece of advice would be to get involved in as much as you can, especially in first year; there are such a huge range of societies to join that you’re bound to find something!

As I said if you have any questions, including about any sports clubs and societies in Durham and Mary’s then you can reach me through Facebook (Tom Pocock), email me at t.b.pocock@durham.ac.uk or just pull me over for a chat if you see me around.

Well done again and I look forward to seeing you in October!

Toastie Bar Manager – Lewis Robinson, 2nd Year Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Hi everyone, I’m Lewis! I’m a second year studying Chemistry and Earth Sciences. Congrats on getting into Durham and into the best college in the university (I swear I’m not biased). As your Toastie Bar Manager this year, I’m responsible for the general management and upkeep of the college Toastie Bar in the basement across from the actual bar. That’s everything from stocking up to payroll and hiring staff. I am also in charge of the menu, which is up on the college website, so any suggestions on what you would like to see on there please send them my way.

If you have any suggestions or any questions about the Toastie Bar, college jobs or anything else about college or university life in general, feel free to email me on lewis.w.robinson@durham.ac.uk or come find me around college once you get here. I’m living in college so I’m sure I’ll be hanging around somewhere. Enjoy Durham!