The JCR Executive Committee (Ex-Officio)

Assistant WAM Officers: Georgia Greenburgh, Apostolos Kokoris, Naomi Clarke, and Jules Mangelaars.

You’ll meet them in the Welfare section of the website!

Communities Officer: Joe Witt, Geography, 2nd Year

Hey Everyone! I’m Joe, a second year studying Geography and I will be your Communities Officer this year! One of the main components of the role is to head up the Communities Committee (CommComm) with an overall aim to organise programmes and projects for Mary’s students within the local Durham community. This could range from having a group of students visiting a care home every week to helping out with environmental management in the Durham area. As you can tell, there are so many different opportunities available through CommComm so I’m sure we will be able to find you the perfect project. Part of my role will also involve working closely with the Student Community Action (SCA) who are a Durham University organisation that find volunteering placements for students, so listen out for announcements regarding different opportunities available through SCA. One of my key personal aims is to increase the number of Mary’s students involved in volunteering as the rest of the Durham community really benefits from student volunteering work. Aside from volunteering, I plan putting on fundraising events for local charities and look forward to getting as many Mary’s students involved as possible!

Apart from being your Communities Officer, you’ll be seeing me across variety of different sports and societies at Mary’s including the football and cricket clubs. Even when I’m not playing, I’ll be there on the sidelines, watching the football A team beat Grey in the floodlit Cup (hopefully, again) which was definitely a highlight in my first year!

Any questions about volunteering or anything else about Mary’s, feel free to email me at: joseph.w.witt@durham.ac.uk or you can find me on Facebook!

Disabilities Representative: Darcey Merison, Philosophy, 2nd Year

Hello new Marians! I’m Darcey and I’m a second-year philosopher. In my first year at Mary’s I’ve been involved as a visit day rep, a member of the Mary’s Day committee, and a part of the college panto! Before I came to uni I wasn’t sure I’d be able to be as involved as I have been, but Mary’s has supported me beyond measure. As this year’s Disabilities Rep, I hope I’ll be able to support you in the same way. I’m here to support Mary’s students whether you need to set yourself up with Disability Support through the university, apply for the DSA, or even if you just need somebody to talk to!

Although this is an exciting time, moving to university with a disability can definitely be quite stressful. I’m here to help with any problem, no matter how big or small! With this in mind, I’ll be organising a couple of drop-ins each term. These are chilled, informal sessions where you can pop in for a chat, ask any important questions or, of course, just have a cup of tea with me and indulge in some mutual panic over coursework. For the most part, though, I’ll be posting updates and important information over the next year on the Facebook page, ‘St Mary’s Students with Disabilities 18/19’.

I hope you have a fantastic induction week- my first night at Durham is one of my favourite memories of first year. Nothing quite compares to your first experience of Klute. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email at darcey.merison@durham.ac.uk!

Environment Representative: James Allan, Politics, 2nd Year

Yo people of Mary’s! I’m James a second year Politics student. Hello everyone! As your Environment Officer I seek to help and advocate for environmental concerns in our college. This will include running a variety of initiatives and awareness campaigns whilst also ensuring Mary’s is environmentally friendly! If you share the same love for our planet/environment and would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to join the Mary’s Environment Society. As well as all things environment I’m part of the college CU, Mixed Lacrosse and DU Rugby Fives Club.

Hit me up if you have any questions or any of the above interests you! My email james.w.allan@durham.ac.uk.

I.T. Representative: Currently unfilled

Keep your eye on Ellie’s weekly emails for more information!

LGBT+ Representative: Anila Iqbal, Psychology, 2nd Year

Hi I’m Anila, your LGBT+ rep. I have been a lesbian for nineteen years now, and have developed proficiency in all areas of being gay. My best memory in college was running Mary’s pride last year and I can’t wait to be your LGBT+ rep this year.

As your LGBT+ rep, I have huge plans and hope that as many of you as possible will get involved with them. I plan to evolve our newly-formed LGBT+ society into something really special that will include and represent everyone at Mary’s. I’ll be running plenty of events, campaigns and sessions throughout the year that anyone and everyone can get involved with. I’m also always around to help out anyone that needs a hand. There’ll be fortnightly drop-ins where you can come to me for advice, a chat, any help you might need or even just for free biscuits.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, feel free to email me at anila.iqbal@durham.ac.uk

Midsummer Ball Chair: To be elected

Keep your eye on Ellie’s weekly emails for further details!

Publicity and Communications Officer: Alex Leggatt, English Lit, 2nd Year

Hey! I’m Alex, a second year English Lit student. As Publicity and Communication’s Officer, I am responsible for publicising and promoting Mary’s events, in particular creating the artwork and promo (including the video) for Fresher’s Week and Mary’s Day. If you feel that a Mary’s event is not being given the attention it deserves, please let me know and I will do my best to promote it across various social media platforms. Getting involved with publicity and communications roles is easy; you can take photos at a sports event, create a poster for a Foot of the Hill Theatre production, or create some promo for a charity event, such as TRI:48. Other than my ex-officio role, I am a bartender at the college bar and love getting involved with decs for college balls. Sports wise I play Tennis, Darts, Pool and Squash for Mary’s.

I loved seeing my t-shirt, lanyard and wristband designs being worn on Mary’s Day; to see everyone wearing something I had created from scratch was pretty crazy! Also, getting the promotional video that I worked on for the Masquerade Ball featured on Durham University’s Facebook Page was also a proud moment for me.

Feel free to drop me an email at alexander.w.leggatt@durham.ac.uk or message me on Facebook with any questions!

Side note from Ellie, Ruth, and Suhasini: Alex has designed all the artwork for Freshers Week including the cover page of this handbook and it is all incredible!

Senior DUCK Representatives: Elisa Benham, Natural Sciences, 2nd Year & Katie Keane, Biology, 2nd year

Hi we are Elisa–a second year natural scientist–and Katie–a second year biologist–and we are your senior DUCK Reps for next year!

DUCK is the Durham University Charity Committee which organises fundraising events and challenges for a variety of national and local charities. Our role is to run Mary’s DUCK which does the same thing as DU DUCK, but on a smaller scale within college. We would love as many people to join the committee as possible, so will soon be looking for Marians to become committee members as well as fill a variety of exec roles to help organise and run events throughout the year. We have loads of ideas for events this year including movie nights, a bake off, pub quizzes, an informal and Tri-48 (our annual summer term triathlon that Mary’s students compete in teams to gain the most distance over 48 hours). We’re very open to suggestions from you about more events we could run!

When we’re not busy running DUCK, we’re both involved in other college activities and sport. Last year, Katie was on the Winter and Masquerade Ball committees, played in several rounders matches and took part in Instep’s annual dance show at the Students’ Union. Elisa is co-captain for the Mary’s women’s football, was involved in theatre and the environment society. We made such great memories in college last year – from sitting on the sunny grass during Mary’s day, jousting at the winter ball, to singing along to Aladdin at the Disney themed charity formal, and we can’t wait for another great year ahead!

If you have any questions or want more info about joining Mary’s DUCK feel free to email us at catrina.e.keane@durham.ac.uk or elisa.s.benham@durham.ac.uk ALSO follow and like our facebook page St Mary’s College DUCK to keep up with our events and fundraising progress throughout the year!

Senior Freshers’ Representative: Ruth Kaufmann Wolfe, Geography (BA), 3rd Year

You’ve probably met them in the Frseher Reps section of the website!

Senior International Students’ Representative: Suhasini Vira, Economics and Politics, 2nd Year

You’ve probably met them in the Frseher Reps section of the website!

Senior Post-Offer Visit Day Representative: To be elected

Keep your eye on Ellie’s weekly emails for more information!

Senior Tech Officer: Ben Archer, Maths, 2nd Year

Hi! I’m Ben and I’m a second year Mathematics student and your Tech Officer for next year. As Tech Officer I will be in charge of all lighting and sound for events around college, including all Formals and Balls, throughout the year. I also help out with all theatre productions and events such as Tri48 (a 48-hour triathlon for charity). Therefore, obviously, this is the coolest role in college. But I can’t do all this alone. In fresher’s week I hope to start a Tech Society in which I will teach you the tricks of the trade and maybe one of you will go on to be tech officer for next year!

On top of this, in my first year I have been involved in Mary’s Football, Durham Canoeing, Formally Lost and the Revival Fashion show, some of which I thought I’d never do before coming to Durham.

Apart from the obvious amazing events throughout the year like Mary’s Day, Formals and Balls I would have to say one of my favourite moments in college has to be finally getting back from Formally Lost. Formally Lost is an event where you must hitch hike back to Durham from somewhere random in the country – all while dressed in full black tie! After spending all day trekking back in the snow from West Scotland, getting back for a warm dinner was potentially the best moment of college/my life.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at benjamin.d.archer@durham.ac.uk.

Shop Manager: Jake Goldsmith, Computer Science, 3rd Year

Welcome to Mary’s! I’m Jake and I’ll be the Shop Manager this year. Can’t wait to meet you all! We are lucky at St Mary’s college to have a student-run shop located in the basement. It opens every evening from 8.30 to 9.30pm. We are mainly focused on providing the college with snacks and treats at reasonable prices including chocolate, crisps, and pick and mix, but we also stock useful items like batteries and milk. I would definitely recommend popping down at some point in the first few weeks to check out the selection or just for a chat!

The shop manager’s job is to keep everything in the shop running smoothly. I will be making plenty of orders throughout the year to keep the shop as fully-stocked as possible so if there’s anything you really want available get in touch or leave a comment in the suggestion box and I’ll try my best to include it. I’ll also be responsible for recruiting new staff when the shop needs some extra help, so keep an eye out for the application form if you are interested in earning a little extra cash. The shop also has a vending machine opposite the reading room if you need a snack outside of the evening opening hours. I’ll be keeping everyone up-to-date with shop news on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/stmarysshop). Give us a like to receive updates!

My favourite Mary’s related achievement has been playing for the college’s Ultimate Frisbee A team. Avoiding relegation by winning on the last day of the season was a great experience which I would highly recommend!

For any shop related questions please feel free to contact me at jake.a.goldsmith@durham.ac.uk and I’ll be happy to help!

Societies Officer: Havishyan Thakral, Geography, 3rd Year

Hiya 2018 Freshers!! I’m Havi, a third year Geography student from India/Singapore! First of all, congratulations on getting into Durham University and Mary’s, you simply couldn’t have a better college to be a part of, and I really hope each and every one of you have the most memorable couple of years of your life, here in Durham!

I am your Societies Officer for this year, which simply means that I overlook all the societies that are run at Mary’s, and am in charge of ratifying new societies. So whether you’d like to gain a deeper insight into any of the societies that we have to offer, or feel like you have an idea regarding a society, that you feel the college would benefit from, my job is to give it my all to ensure that your voice is heard, and that your ideas are acknowledged!

Currently at Mary’s, I am part of the Mary’s Mixed Voices Choir, Captain of the Badminton A Team and member of the Frisbee A Team. One piece of advice that I would offer to you guys, is “Explore all the societies and sports that are offered at Mary’s (and more generally in Durham), because chances are that you might just discover hidden talents and interests that you might have never known existed within you!

On that note, I wish you all the best as you begin your time at Mary’s! And I’ll see you all at the Mary’s Freshers Fair on the 6th of October, where you’ll have the chance to learn more about all the amazing societies and sports that we have on offer! Feel free to come up to me with any questions societies-related or otherwise, I’d love to have a chat!

To get in touch, you can either message me on Facebook (Havishyan Thakral) or email me at havishyan.thakral@durham.ac.uk!

Toastie Bar Manager: Lewis Robinson, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, 3rd Year

Hey everyone! My name is Lewis and I’m a third year Natural Sciences student. In my role as Toastie Bar Manager, I am responsible for running the college toastie bar which is sat in the basement across from the bar. I design the menu and am responsible for hiring students to work in the toastie bar throughout the year. I am also involved in some other parts of college life having been heavily involved in ball committee’s last year and being the treasurer of the social committee this year. I am also a University Open Day ambassador. I live in college and can usually be found hovering around the bar/toastie bar or the dining hall (not that I have a food problem or anything, but second helpings of desserts are worth it). My best moment in college was the day I managed to sneak five Belgian waffles at tea before seconds (again I swear I don’t have a problem).

If you want to get in touch with me feel free, my email is lewis.w.robinson@durham.ac.uk. It can be to do with anything from how to get a job at the toastie bar to menu suggestions, college advice or subject advice. Hope you all have a fantastic time and welcome to the best college in Durham #nonbiasedopinion.