JCR Meeting Minutes 13/11/16

JCR Meeting 13/11/2016

Apologies are to be submitted to Jack Tellyn, JCR Chair, at JCRapologies@gmail.com or to the Exec Mailbox by the Dining Hall before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.

  1. The minutes of the last meeting

These are available on the JCR Website.

  1. Matters Arising

There are no matters arising.

  1. JCR Announcements

Luke Wagner – Winter Ball guestlist

  • There are separate meal and ents list, if you are on the meal list then your name would be on the current guestlist being circulated. If you opted for ents only, then your name would only be put on the guestlist after the guestlist for the meal is finalized.
  • Non-payers for meal would be automatically put on the ents guestlist.
  • Any question email the SocComm email (st-marys.social@durham.ac.uk), not Luke Wagner’s personal email or his Facebook, as he will not reply.
  • Please remember to put the correct reference if you are doing BACS.

Peter Trussell – Movember

  • Send Peter your photo of your Movember progress.
  • Payment deadline for WAM Ice Skating is Monday 5pm, £11.

Sam Martin – PwC

Esther Scriven – Photographs of events

  • Come find Esther if you don’t want to have your photos of events put up on social media, or if there’s a specific photo that you don’t want put on.
  1. Motions
  2. Motion to install Lewis Robinson as interim manager of the Toastie Bar (Appendix A)

This JCR Notes:

That the incumbent Toastie Bar Manager has recently taken the decision to step down for personal reasons, and that no candidates came forward before the deadline to run in the resulting “by-election”, but that Lewis Robinson has since come forward to say that he would be willing to take on the role.

This JCR Believes:

That if the post is left vacant and the Toastie Bar is forced to temporarily close until the next JCR election cycle, it would be to the detriment of the JCR and all livers in, particularly Toastie Bar staff.

This JCR Resolves:

To re-open nominations and run the Toastie Bar Manager election at the next JCR Meeting on 4th December, but install Lewis Robinson as manager on a temporary basis until such time as a new permanent manager is elected, thus allowing the Toastie Bar to remain operational in the interim.

Proposed by: Ramya BT

Seconded by: Esther Scriven

Motion Passed

  1. Motion to introduce a Communities Committee (Appendix B)

This JCR Notes: That as a JCR we do not provide an opportunity for people to organise volunteering events in college and engage with the community at a college level.

This JCR Believes: Introducing a Communities committee will provide Mary’s students the chance to organise one-off events to support the local community in the way they choose and provide more chances for all Mary’s students to volunteer. The exec will consist of six people and will be chaired by the Communities Officer.

This JCR Resolves: To create the ‘Communities Committee’ to increase engagement of Mary’s students with the community.

Proposed by: Lauren Maggs

Seconded by: Ellen Blakeney

Q: How do you see CommComm working with SCA?

A: Advertise SCA activities/events, at the same time organize events for Mary’s students, but other colleges are welcome to take part as well if they want to.

Motion Passed

III. Motion to ratify the Karaoke Society (Appendic C)

This JCR Notes:

That previous karaoke arrangements have been very popular among the student body of St. Mary’s, due to our high number of singers of various competence. However, at the moment, there is not a set position as to who is in charge of these events.

This JCR Believes:

That the creation of Karaoke Society will increase the number of karaoke events, which will be of the benefit to the bar, and this JCR, as it will draw more people to the basement. An increase in people in the bar area, will hopefully mean an increase in revenue.

This JCR Resolves:

To officially introduce the Karaoke Society.

Proposed by: Owen MacCuish

Seconded by: Juliane Thorbjørnsen

Q: Is Karaoke Soc tied in with Arts?

A: No, it is a different society that can be run in conjunction with Arts if invited.

Q: What is your favourite song and why?

A: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, because he has practiced it before.

Q: Do you require JCR funding?

A: Would love some to buy a karaoke software. If It raises revenue then can have the funding conversation later.

Motion passed.

  1. Motion to ratify the Circuits Society (Appendix D)

This JCR Notes:

That a lot of students and sports teams enjoy doing circuits in St. Mary’s Gym, but that there is no convenient way of organizing this activity at the moment

This JCR Believes:

That the creation of a Circuits Society will boost the activity of St. Mary’s Gym, which is seen as a benefit to college. Additionally, the society will be a tool to guide unexperienced students as to how one may use the gym and its inventory, as well as away of meeting fellow students with a common interest. However, we note that any future leader of a circuits session may not be a professional, and that the exercise should be executed by each individual according to their own abilities.

This JCR Resolves:

To create a new society; St. Mary’s College Circuits Society, in order to fill this gap in our college.

Proposed by: Alya Makharinsky

Seconded by: Katherine Aird

Q: that is traditionally the Gym Rep’s job.

Motion abandoned/postponed.

  1. Motion to ratify the Environment Society (Appendix E)

This JCR Notes:

That the current Environment Committee does a great job in increasing environmental awareness in college, but that the structure and nature of the Committee as of today may not be ideal. It has come to our attention that several students believe that the committee is a closed off group, rather than one which encourages college participation from all corners.

This JCR Believes:

That creating a new ‘Environment Society’ will resolve this issue. The current Committee will function as the Exec for the new society, imitating the structure of several of the other societies in college.

This JCR Resolves:

To create ‘Environment Society’ which incorporates the existing Environment Committee, so that the environment-related work in college may reach out to, and include the participation from, as much of the student body as possible.

Proposed by: Laura Martin

Seconded by: Emilly Erel

Q: Will it require JCR funding?

A: No, because committee already gets funding which will then be used for the society.

Q: What has the committee done so far?

A: Posters (Lord of the Ring food wastage ones), Mary’s college water bottles, Planet Earth screening in the JCR, etc.

Motion passed

  1. Questions of Officers


  1. Elections, Hustings and Interviews
  2. Year Abroad Rep

Isabelle Basford

  • Fourth year, have just finished a year abroad in France and Spain.
  • Want to be there for Marians who are considering a year abroad as she believes that it is an amazing opportunity for new experiences.
  • An intern in Paris recruiting and managing students from other universities on their year abroad – well equipped for this role.
  • Teaching assistant and an au pair in Spain – understand the range of possibilities while being abroad.
  • Want to hold an event where fourth years who returned will share their experiences which are very varied and happened all over the world.
  • Will be able to put people in contact to help with accommodation, applying for jobs or general info about city/country.

Proposed by: Phoebe James

Seconded by: Rob McKenzie


  1. Assistant JCR Treasurer

Kish Balendran

  • Looking for a job in the finance sector.
  • Would like to learn employability skills through this job.
  • Nadia is lovely, want to help her out.
  • Have analytical skills through Chemistry A Levels.
  • Have two months’ work experience in asset management which would be useful for the job.
  • Does Economics, and so one of the modules is Accountancy and Finance – lots of purchasing decision, audit, these are transferable to this role.
  • Treasurer for his local cricket club – relevant experience.
  • Plan to work out what works and what doesn’t and go from there.

Proposed by: Mikaela Fletcher

Seconded by: Izzy Sykes

Lydia Harrold

  • Second year doing History, Politics and International Relations.
  • Previously done at Mary’s:
    • Football, Futsal, Mixed Lacrosse.
    • Vice-captain and sponsorship secretary for Hockey Club.
    • Informal ball committee
    • Open Day rep
    • Assistant treasurer for Mary’s Day.
  • Like the financial aspect, and love being involved in college.
  • Tasks and skills required, and experience.
    • Task: auditing societies and clubs
      • Experience: Assistant treasurer at an international company
        • Inputting invoice
        • Checking VAT
        • Checking company’s database
        • Managed payment plans
        • Can work with large figures
        • Work methodically through invoices and databases – very important skill
        • Hard working
        • Can concentrate to do the work accurately.
      • Task: Counting the monthly income of the shop and toastie bar
        • Willing to set aside time required to do this properly
        • Experience with living-out – have to keep weekly budget and so good at counting money.
        • Look into increasing capital of shop and toastie bar, so could get more revenue for the JCR and therefore more funding for clubs.
        • Look into possibility of meal deal combination and order to room service.
      • Task: Being involved in purchases decisions
        • Open Day rep silent disco
          • Sourcing meters of black cloth
          • Found great UV-paint which had great effect while not blowing the budget.
        • Would like to look into buying a small toastie machine from Tesco’s for under £10 for vegetarians.
      • Willing to experiment, open to your ideas and suggestions.

Proposed by: Elspeth Summerfield

Seconded by: Lara MacFadyen

Questions: If you could be any British coin which would you be and why? (Nadia Barabash – Treasurer)


  • Lydia: £2 because it’s the biggest and has the most value.
  • Kish: £1 because he is a little princess at heart.

III. JCR Photographer

Peter Watson

  • Second year doing Physics.
  • Basically just like taking pictures of things.
  • Will sound cheesy, but – been interested in photography for a long time. Started with disposable film cameras, then digital cameras.
  • Have had the opportunity to take pictures at several of the JCR events over the last six months, and want to continue doing so.
  • Plans to open applications for the Photography Committee, where people can take photos at JCR events.
  • Plans to create Mary’s Photography Society because a lot of Marian photographers are intimidated by the uni-wide society (or didn’t fancy walking to palace green late at night).
  • Summary: like taking photos, and want to take more of them in Mary’s.
  • Let’s make Photography great again!

Proposed by: Helen Paton

Seconded by: Catherine Nicholls

Ben McCash

  • Why he wants to do the job
    • Enjoys photography
    • Enjoys events and capturing memories
    • Important to remember our time at this great college and feels that he would be able to do this as a seasoned photographer.
  • Experience
    • Two years’ experience as a professional photographer
    • Freelance portraiture work
    • Sport’s photography
    • Former full time product photographer
    • Social media knowledge because also work on a social media management account
    • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr so you’ll be sure to see photos of everyone online form all events and formals
    • Have all of his cameras, lenses and tripods in Durham, will not be constrained by kit.
    • Already got experience here in Durham as the photographer for Mary’s rugby team so hopefully would be able to see some of his shots from Sunday’s game around on Facebook.
    • Trying to keep his photography up to scratch here.

Proposed by: James Callender

Seconded by: Hannah Priestley

Q: How much time would be set aside to take photos for sports?


  • Ben – already started with rugby, and want to start with rowing on Wednesdays.
  • Peter – don’t do anything on Wednesdays so can do lots of photo taking for sports.

Q: How would you involve the other person in Mary’s photography?


  • Ben – No one has enough time to do all of them so both of us can share.
  • Peter – The other one can get involved in Photography Committee.
  1. Senior Tech Officer

Will McGowan

  • Second year Geographer
  • Know how to use tech and have used it in professional situations
  • Plays six instruments so understand music.
  • Plans:
    • Form a tech committee as there is currently not enough people doing tech in college. Will allow more people to get to know each other.
    • Making in inventory of the tech cupboard and renovating it as it is currently an absolute mess. Needs to be cleaned.
    • Create hire forms for equipment.
    • Teach people how to use the equipment.

Proposed by: Pip Orchard

Seconded by: Elliot Fox

Q: Favourite piece of tech and why?

A: A speaker because music comes out of me.

Q: Involvement in Mary’s?

A: Freshers’ Week tech, and all events after that (all the formals etc). Need more people helping out because it is hard doing it by himself.

Q: Favourite kitchen appliance?

A: Fridge, because it’s white and chill like him, and if you drop it from a cliff it breaks.

Q: Tech, Frisbee or Vegemite?

A: Tech.

Q: Previous officers had difficulty staying sober and managing tech and the equipment. How are you going to stay sober throughout the night?

A: Principle is that you can have a bit to drink but not go crazy, and it is quite easy to do once you realise you have expensive equipment in your hands.

  1. AOB