JCR Meeting Minutes 15/10/17

Minutes for the 1st JCR meeting of Michaelmas Term 2017

Sunday 15th October, 7pm, Dining Hall


Apologies are to be submitted to Owen, JCR Chair, at JCRapologies@gmail.com or to the Exec Mailbox by the Dining Hall before 12 noon on the day of the meeting.


  1. The minutes of the last meeting

These are available on the JCR Website.



  1. Matters Arising

There are no matters arising.



  1. JCR Announcements

Announcements from JCR officers.



  1. Questions of Officers


            -Question about the state of the gym and the membership cards

Owen answered that the gym is 50/50 owned by the JCR and the college so it takes more time to set these things up


  1. Motions

There are no motions to discuss.



  1. Elections, Hustings and Interviews


  1. Assistant Treasurer


Oliver Prove

Proposed by: Amy Lewis

Seconded by: Isabel Dungworth



  • Oliver Prove, first year physics student
  • Since learning about the JCR, I have wanted to be involved in some way, and contribute to the workings of the JCR
  • The position of assistant treasurer immediately stood out to me as a role that I would be very interested and hopefully competent in undertaking.
  • After all, I am Swiss, and I was naturally born with the ability to manipulate people’s money.
  • When I was made aware of these available roles I was initially quite nervous about applying. I was convinced by members of my corridor that applying for the role was a good idea, mainly due to the fact that they assured I did not in fact have to give a speech.
  • You can imagine that it was therefore quite a shock for me when I woke up yesterday morning with an email in my inbox telling me I had to prepare a 3-minute speech to deliver in front of the entire college.
  • I am not the best public speaker, as you can probably tell, but my skills lie with manipulating numbers, collecting data, and making spreadsheets: skills which I believe I could use to carry out my role effectively



Q: Do you have enough time to dedicate to the role?

A: Believes he can manage it, physics is a tough course but with good time management shouldn’t be a problem


  1. Year Abroad Representative


Alexandra Casement

Proposed by: Laura Dean

Seconded by: Alice Fieth

  • Fourth year studying French and Spanish and have spent last year abroad
  • Split that year into 3 parts, 3 months in Biarritz (SW of France) then, 8 months teaching English in Cartagena (south of Spain) and finally spent the summer in Nice working.
  • Experience different aspects of living abroad so I can advise better
  • Aim to bridge the gap between second year students who are taking a year abroad and fourth years
  • Introduce different networks to get second years and final years in contact
  • Help students while on their year abroad with pastoral support
  • Make the year abroad students feel more like part of the college by creating a termly newsletter, by Facebook




Celia König

Proposed by: Celia Stanford

Seconded by: Anna Simpson


  • Studies French and History
  • Split the year abroad between a 3-month Erasmus placement in Dijon and a 6 month work placement in Paris.
  • Year abroad can appear terrifying but she will be there to help you with questions, doubts and worries.
  • Organize a get together at Mary’s fairly soon for those who are going or even thinking about going so people can get in touch with fourth years that experienced this
  • Organize more of those meetups on the second and third term
  • Setting up a Facebook group for any other questions






No questions.




  1. AOB


-Williamson JCR is being left at a terrible state, request for people to clean up after themselves when they leave the JCR